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Hair Loss reason & prevention

Updated on March 5, 2009

Cycle of Hair Growth and Loss:

The normal cycle of hair growth lasts for 2 to 6 years. Each hair grows approximately 1 centimeter (less than half an inch) per month during this phase. The hair does not grow uniformly. 90% grow at one time and 10% would be at rest.  The resting hair would fall by itself and new hair begins to grow over there.

Falling of hair is a routine cycle. But for some people there would be excessive falling than the normal.  

What causes excessive hair loss?

List of reasons that cause excessive hair fall:

Illness/Surgery: There may be hair loss after a prolong illness or after a major surgery. This is mainly because of the stress of the injury and the antibiotics that were taken during the course of the medication. Under such conditions the hair fall cannot be prevented.

Hormonal Imbalance: The hair fall can also be due to imbalance in the secretion of any of the hormones. Due to imbalance in the thyroid gland, the hair fall can occur. The loss of hair fall can be prevented when there is proper treatment is being taken for the thyroid problem. There are two types of thyroid imbalance commonly known as male and female hormones and scientifically known as androgens and estrogens.

Pregnancy:  During pregnancy there would be hair loss for the women. This is generally due to the over secretion of the some of the hormones. The hair loss would persist 3 months after they have the baby. The hair fall in these cases would be stopped when the hormones comes back to pre-pregnancy level.

Medicines: Sometimes medicines can also cause hair fall. The hair loss occurs when a person take medicines that include blood thinners also called as anticoagulants, when undergoes chemotherapy for cancers and when medicines that are taken for deficiency of Vitamin A, birth control pills in case of women, and anti depressant tablets.

Disease/Fungus Infections: Due to improper care taken by the person can also cause fungal infection in hair. Such infections would make the scalp very weak and hence may lead to hair fall. This type of fungal infections in hair occurs only to the children. These infections can be treated by taking anti fungal medicines.

Lupus or Diabetes can also cause hair fall. The hair fall can be a symptom for the disease. It is important that the person should take treatment for these diseases at the early stage before much loss of hair takes place.

Lack of proper nutrition- Improper food habits can also cause hair loss. One has to take foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals proteins which help in strengthening of scalp. Avoid taking junk foods that contains more hydrogenated oil.


Improper care of hair can cause hair loss

Wearing pigtails or cornrows or use tight hair rollers. Traction alopecia (al-oh-pee-sha) is the type of hair loss that occurs during the pull on your hair. Hair fall can drop if the pulling is topped before scarring else scarring can cause permanent hair loss. Usage of hot oils and sing permanents may lead to hair loss as they causes swelling of the hair follicle, which would end up in scarring and loss of hair.


  1. Take care of your hair. This is the most important thing. Frequent usage of hair dyes, hair perms curling irons and rollers would harm the scalp and cause hair loss
  2. Never color your hair more often than 6 to 8 weeks and for hair loss prevention, letting your hair turn naturally gray is the best thing you can do.
  3. Never stretch the hair by braiding very tightly and this can lead to significant hair loss as well. Eating the right foods is something else you can do for hair loss prevention.
  4. Add calcium in your diet is very important to strengthen the hair follicles and roots in the scalp.
  5. Most important is to have a healthy and regular lifestyle. Sleep enough and sleep on time.


  • Use proper shampoo and a good hair conditioner
  • Avoid overconsumption of salt (most vegetables have their own natural sodium) and sugar; Alcohols and tobaccos also cause hair loss and dandruff.
  • To be in good physical condition is also a better way to prevent falling of hair. Consumptions of antibiotics cause hair loss.
  • Avoid usage of harsh soaps. This would also helps to prevent hair loss For dry haired people use shampoos that have oil content with it and natural based conditioners (again, using organic ingredients whenever possible).


Try to avoid excessive shampooing – applying once a day is usually sufficient.

Try to use a mild, unmedicated, non-alkaline shampoo (organic ingredients, whenever possible).



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