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Hair Styles For Hair Loss

Updated on April 23, 2013
Short buzz cuts may be an option for those who are losing their hair
Short buzz cuts may be an option for those who are losing their hair | Source

What To Do About Your Hair When You Are Going Bald

When hair loss strikes, you may not be clear on exactly what to do. There are so many products, treatments and solutions which offer some hope of reversing the appearance of baldness. It may take some time to explore these options.

In the meantime though, you still want to look and feel your best. As your hair continues to change, so should your hair style. This hub provides a brief overview of some of these choices.

Long Shaggy Layers

For initial hairline recession

If your hairline is just starting to recede, you can disguise this by growing out the front pieces a little longer and combing them forward.

The other areas of the head should also be long, but at controlled lengths. And the back (where the nape is) should have the shortest layers.

Add styling product for more of a messy, carefree look. This will give the illusion of having more volume.

Loose Faux Hawk

For early stage temple recession

One of the more recent trends in men's hair is to add volume to the top center and create a somewhat stylish mohawk.

But for a more conservative look, this structure can be loosely shaped instead of being extremely precise. Think messy and disheveled within a structured, layered cut. The top part should be kept somewhat long so that you have more to work with.

A Loose Faux Hawk will draw more attention to the top of your head. At the same time, it will detract from the hair loss at your temples.

Modern Cesar's Cut

For moderate temple and hairline recession

If you have seen old movies or even classical statues of Julius Caesar, you will notice that his hair in the front is combed forward to help disguise a receding hairline and temple points.

In this day and age, you may want to consider a more modern version of this. An edgier look can be achieved by using pomade to add more volume to the top while bringing it slightly forward. This messiness can also be performed on the sides and the back where the pieces should be relatively short but still tangible to work with.

Messy Spikes

For global thinning

Hair loss does not always occur as complete bald patches. Sometimes the thinning is rather uniform across the head before recession and baldness becomes more severe.

In this instance, ask your barber to keep the sides and back short and clean cut. The layers on top of the head can be kept somewhat long.

Styling product like pomade or spray in hair gel can be used to create loosely defined spikes on top of the head. Again this creates a sense of volume which deters the eyes from the areas of hair loss.

Buzz Cut

For moderate hair loss that is advancing towards severe baldness

Almost all articles on hair styles to choose when you are losing hair will mention the buzz cut, or perhaps a crew cut.

Underlying all the recommended hair styles that you will find is this piece of advice: the more the baldness progresses, the shorter the cut should be.

This hairstyle gives a clean cut look. It puts less emphasis on the bald areas without making it look like you are trying to hide anything

Completely Shaven

For Advanced Baldness

Unfortunately, many people feel at a loss when it comes tosevere baldness. They have probably been told that they don't have enough hair on the head for good hair transplant results. So the only thing they can do is to completely shave their head...just like Bruce Willis.

While you can choose to do this, decide on what is right for you. Bruce Willis did shave his head back in the mid 90s. But this was long before the availability of today's hair restoration procedures. Now, there are more options to choose.

With Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction and uGraft tools, it is quite feasible to use other sources of follicles like the beard area to restore the most severely bald cases. This creates an expanded donor pool to create more desirable levels of coverage.


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