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Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow!

Updated on March 8, 2016
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An author who believes in freedom of speech and being opinionated. A great gift is having a will and the courage to enact.

A realistic view of hair Loss.....

I always had a lot of hair when I was younger, in fact when I got to the age of about eight, I became aware of the nickname my siblings gave me "Busby" even though I didn't know or understand as to who or what Busby was? Of course I know now, the Head Dress of Her Majesty The Queen's Guards. It's the world famous, and distinctive Bearskin worn by the soldiers who guard Buckingham Palace, and are present in certain, ceremonies the Military undertake. I did have thick jet black hair and "Busby", was a name deservedly, however I for one, like a usual child of eight years of age, hated being taken the mickey out of.

My two elder brothers also had, and still do have good heads of hair, at 55 and 60 respectively, even the 55 year old has no grey at all? He insists he doesn't dye his hair? To be honest, I believe him, you can tell dyed hair, especially in men. My seven, yes seven sisters also have good heads of hair, three younger, and four older than me. By the way I am 52.

My dad, at eighty seven still has a good head of hair, greying obviously, but still a good head of hair. Well onto me now, in more detail....I had my full head of hair, which started going grey in my early thirties, I took after my Mother, God rest her soul (She passed away at 48 years of age) she was grey, very grey but dark skinned, olive skinned as most of us, in our family are, and with her having an English Father, and Italian Mother, its understandable. Anyway, my grey hair gradually went ' Salt and Pepper ' and I became the butt of a few jokes over the years, well into my thirties onwards till into my forties. "Silver Fox" springs to mind, and in reality I didn't mind it, the colour of my thatch was, as I understood it to be a mark of 'Distinction' or that what some always said, especially females. I suppose it helped me feel better, and less conscious of the colour of my hair. Early on I was conscious of the fact that it may in time make me look " Far Older" than I actually was. This, as time passed was just a fear of mine, I had a young face as I was assured by most if not all people I met or associated with. When I entered into my forties, I started to realise my fringe was thinner if I didn't part my hair, and it was getting thinner on top of my head. I thought OH NO! I surely cannot have been dealt a double whammy? Here's me with a grey head, my two older Brothers have good heads of hair, with colour, hardly no grey, if any at all. What is this double whammy? well I do understand that the grey hair is hereditary, as is the HAIR LOSS...more commonly know as MPB. The dreaded Male Patterned Baldness! I believe it is hereditary, as I was told so by a medic. Oh and its ALWAYS on the MOTHERS SIDE of the family, so if Grandad (Mums Dad) is bald or has a head resembling a monk...then it's always curtains,(In the hair loss stakes) for one, if not all of the males, of the family, including first cousins too. I was gutted, really paranoid about losing my hair, and I was in my forties. I feel sorry for the younger fella's in their twenties and thirties, who have been unfortunate in life, and being passed on this unfortunate gene.

On the road to Baldness?

Was I on the way to baldness? I couldn't imagine myself with a head like an "Egg in the nest" I was absolutely terrified. I was working away, overseas and I decided to take action. I really did look up on the internet as to what I could do to stop this hair loss getting worse, and hopefully be able to reverse it. I can honestly say that what I am about to say is the HONEST TRUTH!

I bought numerous products online, starting with herbal remedies which were designed to feed and nourish the hair follicles. They were not cheap either, and they were supposedly to take up to FOUR MONTHS before they worked, to get into my system. Get into my system? How about get into my bank account ! I was determined to keep taking the pills, and kept hoping that it would stop the hair loss. I did see a difference the pills had on me though, they made my urine GREEN proper green and that's about it. I then researched more and more and found a product that you can put onto your scalp in various ways, through either a spray bottle, or a dispensary tube type gismo. Anyhow, this product was expensive, and at around £90 a pop for three months treatment, I bought it and followed the exact instructions. The instructions was to administer the product early morning and late at night, however you couldn't wash your hair within four hours of using the product. An absolute nightmare, when you consider that not only did it make your hair look greasy and unwashed, it seemed like you just had to either follow the plan, or get ahead with it, and fail, go bald....not being able to just have a normal day was hard. I wished I didn't really care about going bald and just accepted it, but I couldn't. All the negatives about going bald going around in my mind, the name calling, the undoubted predjudices, and the self consciousness of it all...looking in the mirror! No not me I thought. I will say though, that after all the years of spending thousands of pounds on products, that didn't work like they said they would work, they did manage to help me keep enough of my thinning thatch on top, for my final attempt.

Hair Today...Hair Tomorrow!

I continued to look into what would be the ONLY way to stop this Male Patterned Baldness...and that was what was looking, at being very risky, scary, and very expensive. HAIR TRANSPLANT! I looked online and researched the different types of transplant, surgeons, and the costs involved. I knew that it was going to take me some time to save up the money, being a father of three girls who, from time to time, abstracted money from their father, as girls do. The fluttering of eyelashes, and sullen faces, works a treat! Two years or so passed, and I never had the amount needed to go ahead with the much needed, and yearned for surgery. My youngest daughter in whom I confided more than most, knew what it meant to me, and she smiled at me one day when she suggested I go to a certain place where she already knew someone who had been for a fraction of the cost! I couldn't believe my luck when I followed up her suggestion. I found it to be true to life, and I had more than enough for the treatment, flights and accommodation, for me and my other half. No she didn't have any surgery! I was alluding to the flights and hotel. I went ahead with the surgery after much consultation with the surgeon, via the internet. I will say though, that it was absolutely the best thing I have ever done and I am glad I had the money to afford the surgery. I never needed encouragement, or to build up courage, my desperation was my courage! After flying out to the destination, and having the surgery within one day of arrival, straight in no fuss, as the surgeon works. I wont lie, it was painful and uncomfortable for a day or two, but it was well worth it. I was, like a few whom I researched post surgery, a bit impatient after a few months and thought it was a waste of time, money and it failed. How wrong I was? I was advised about post surgery do's and don'ts, how to look after myself and my "NEW HEAD OF HAIR" my transplanted hair using the latest technology...the FUE.. The Follicular Unit extraction. All I want to say to everyone of interest reading this blog is this......FORGET THE PILLS, FORGET THE SPRAYS...If you have the money, the desperation, and the needs...GO FOR IT...its the best thing you'll ever do if losing your hair is important to you. I have actually recommended another person to the surgeon, who has undergone surgery.I believe he too, is absolutely delighted he went ahead and had the transplant, I was glad for him, as he was only in his MID TWENTIES. I look around at some of my friends, and fellas I see in the streets, out and about town, and I wonder if they are thinking the way I used to? Would they go ahead with the surgery if they had the chance? Or is it not that important to them? I bet there are some in the numbers of fellas out there, there must be?

In a nutshell ...... Its the ONLY WAY POSSIBLE, there is no other way.

All MPB Sufferers take heed, take courage, and take the steps!


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