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Hair loss cures

Updated on April 27, 2015

Hair loss problems may be temporary or permanent but as there are problems, there are hair loss cures to those as well. Yes! Whether baldness affects men or women its really very painful issue, but wide researches are going on to find permanent hair loss cures.

As far as at present some drug therapies and hair transplant surgeries are found to be efficient in restoration of hair.

1. Drug Therapies

Both of these methods cures the dilemma of scalp destruction to some extends. Drug therapies decreases the rate of hair loss as compared to the growth of new hair as it slow downs the production of male hormone dihydrotestosterone. Some topical solution can also be applied to the scalp. Both of these hair loss cures work by increasing the blood flow to the scalp and provide more nutrition to hairs which stops the hair falling and maintain the remaining hairs.


Drugs for hair fall cure are available in different formulations for men and women as the causes for hair loss are different in both.


Drugs for male

Male pattern baldness occurs mainly as a result of the overabundance of dihydrotestosterone, so the drugs available for male contains compound which can block the action of dihydrotestosterone and prevent hair loss in men.


Drugs for female

The actual reasons behind the hair fall in women are usually genetic or due to hormonal changes that take place within the body. Drugs available for women contain a unique blend of minerals and vitamins that can refill the scalp and hair follicles by promoting the growth of new and healthy hair.

Disadvantage of drugs

The biggest disadvantage of these cures is that the effect last till the drugs are taken and as the drugs are withdrawn, reverse baldness occurs, so that these drugs are not permanent cures to baldness.


Besides these methods of hair loss cures there are herbs such as stinging nettle, saw palmetto and muira puama which have been proven to have the ability to stop the hair fall. These herbs have been used by practitioners as hair loss treatment all over the world. There are legions of hair loss supplements available also that include these herbs into their products so you don’t have to come up with your own blend. They also have necessary ingredients which not only induce hair growth rather prevents hair loss too.

2. Hair Transplant

Another method among the hair loss cures is Hair transplant which is the surgical substitute of the drug therapies and more effective also than the drugs. But this method requires multiple surgeries and infection prone, beside that it is very expensive too.


Process of hair transplantation

For hair transplantation, the surgeon cleans the scalp and anesthetized the area from where a 3 to 4 inch strip of scalp is to be removed. After removing the strip of scalp, the surgeon sets it to the side and sews the scalp closed. This area is immediately hidden by the hair around it.

Now, the surgeon divides that removed scalp into about 500 - 2000 tiny grafts containing a single or a few hairs. The number as well as the type of grafts used depends on quality, type and color of the hair as well as the volume of the area where it will be transplanted.

Once the grafts are prepared, the surgeon cleans and anesthetized the area where the hair will be placed, creates holes and places each graft in one of the holes.

The transplant takes approximately 4-8 hours depends on the extent of process. If you want thicker hair or continue to lose hair then further sessions may be needed.

Finale hair loss is not always an aesthetic problem. Many health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure are also the reasons for hair loss. Prior opting products for hair loss cures make sure that it’s not something which is causing your hair loss.


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