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Halitonic Bad Breath Treatment Review

Updated on April 21, 2015

Native Remedies Halitonic

Native Remedies Halitonic
Native Remedies Halitonic

Does Halitonic Really Work?

Before you buy Halitonic, make sure you read the Halitonic review first.

Halitonic Review key Summary

Halitonic is manufactured by Native Remedies a company who produce natural and herbal remedies for a vast range of health areas. They have a solid reputation for customer satisfaction and good practice. Their products are manufactured in an FDA registered pharmaceutical facility and are produced according to the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Before continuing to review Halitonic, I think it is important to highlight the different root causes of bad breath.

Bad Breath (Halitosis) Root Causes

1) Of Oral origin. This means the halitosis is caused by problems related directly from the mouth. Examples of this could be eating something pungent such as garlic or smoking. It could also be caused by gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease etc. There are a lot more explanations relating to this but it is not in the scope of this page to discuss here.

2) Of systemic origin. This means the bad breath is related to the digestive tract i.e. bowels, oesophagus and general body conditions such as diabetes.

Halitonic is formulated as a systemic cleanser, so please note that it is especially effective for systemic related bad breath. If your halitosis is caused by a specific oral condition such as gum disease, it is advisable to consult your dentist to correct the problem directly.

What is Halitonic?

Halitonic is a homeopathic remedy containing all natural ingredients.

  • Kalium phosphate

  • Silica

  • Foeniculum vulgare

  • Carduus marianus

  • Nat sulph

Please note that if you are strongly lactose intolerent, Halitonic may not be suitable for you as it does contain lactose as an inactive ingredient.

A full explantation of the ingredient's properties is available on the Native Remedies Halitonic webpage.

How does Halitonic work?

The theory is that Halitonic is taken as a tablet and helps helps promote natural systemic cleansing thus detoxifying the body. This action is supposed to "freshen" the mouth, throat and digestive tract.

Does Halitonic Actually Work?

This is the question that people want to know. From my research, I have found a general consensus that it does indeed work, but it isn't a "quick fix".

The time range of how long it takes before it works from a cross section of users show that it is between 2 to 5 weeks. I think this is linked to the severity of the initial halitosis.

Halitonic needs to be taken on a consistent basis to work.

User feedback also reports improvement of general body odour and more consistent bowel movements as well as the improvement of bad breath.

How do you use Halitonic?

Halitonic is a tablet. It is supposed to be dissolved in the mouth. Two tablets a time two to four times a day.

Any Side Effects?

Our investigation has not found any users with any side effects.

Halitonic Review Conclusion

Main advantages of Halitonic: Easy to use and does not disrupt a normal lifestyle. Good customer service and reputable company.

Main disadvantages of Halitonic: Takes some patience to wait for results to start. Not as effective if your bad breath is caused by oral problems such as smoking, cavities etc.

Overall ratings for Halitonic:

Quality of Product: 9 / 10

Bad Breath Fighting Power: 9 / 10

Ease of Use: 10 / 10

User Results: 9 / 10

Price: Offers vary. Last time I checked there was a special offer.

Recommended? Yes

In fact, we awarded Halitonic our Best Natural Treatment Award.

We hope you have found this overview useful. Visit the Native Remedies store.

P.S They tend to have a buy 2 get 1 free offer on most of the time.


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    • profile image

      defarati 7 years ago

      Found this product great,

      i am promoting and recommending it

    • profile image

      Bad Breath Help 7 years ago

      Thanks, voted this hub up. I never examined halitonic but will recommend it to someone with systemic originated halitosis.