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Hammer Strength Bench Press ¦ Chest Enlarger

Updated on December 3, 2012

Strength Workout for Chest

There are lots of workouts which focus on strengthening chest muscle. One of my favorite is Hammer Strength Bench Press. The main muscle group this workout targets is chest muscle, plus one can get added advantage in strengthening shoulders and triceps as well. Bench press is normally the exercise of the upper body, where the person lies down with their back on the bench with both legs firmly placed on the floor. Then an appropriate weight is lowered to the level of his chest, then pushes it back till the arm is straight. Hammer Strength Bench Press is one technique of bench press where a machine is needed to perform it with great effectiveness. Chest muscles are one of the vital muscles which a body builder can never ignore. But, it is not as easy to develop like biceps and triceps

Hammer Strength Bench Press [Workout Directions]:

  • Set up the hammer strength bench press by adding the appropriate weight you wanna practice.
  • Adjust the seat so you can place your back comfortably.
  • The handles of the machine should be at the bottom or center of the chest at the starting of the motion.
  • Position yourself down on your back with your feet solidly planted on the base of floor.
  • Hold the handles with an overhand grip (palms lining forward) with your hands wider than your shoulder width.
  • Gently push the handles vertical up above your body.
  • Squeeze your chest at the top, pause for a while, and then gently lower the handles back to the beginning position.
  • Maintain the tension on your chest by not letting the weight to the return to stops of the machine.
  • Do not lock up your elbows out.
  • Repeat this procedure for your desired reps or duration.

Photo by Robhammer
Photo by Robhammer | Source

Workout Advices:

  1. Rep timing must be slow and steady that you do have control over the weight.
  2. Letting the weight fall speedily is no way productive as the muscles hardly work as like the negative form of the movement which makes this workout less effective.
  3. Keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground is also important to support your back and the whole weight as it stabilizes every lift.
  4. Do not force the workout over your limit or else, you will result hurting your gluteus and shoulders.
  5. Take appropriate rest or interval between episodes to relax your muscles.

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