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Hampshire Walks

Updated on August 16, 2011

Hampshire walks is a selection of walking hiking routes I have completed in the great Britsh county of Hampshire. Hampshire offers a diverse range of great walking routes although I have only just scratched the surface with a week of walking on the Isle of Wight. I hope as the years go by that I get to include many more walks in Hampshire and experience such beautfiual walking areas such as The New Forest.

The Isle of Wight offers excellent walks and as it is only a small island you can cover the complete coastline within a few days. The majority of walks on the Isle of Wight are relatively flat and the coastal walks are fairly easy with few steep climbs but a more gradual and relaxed feel to them. As a commercial and tourist destination the Isle of Wight coastal walks are well maintained and with only a few exceptions where coastal erosion has ruined some of the pathways and footpaths. However, there are always diversions and different options of walking along the sea walls, on the beaches if the tide is out or on top of some of the cliff edges.

Coastal walks aside the Isle of Wight also offers stunning views inland and in some areas you get a 360 degree view of the whole island. Perspective can sometimes be misleading as the mainland of Portsmouth, Lymington and even Bournemouth look like they are only a stones throw away! One of the highlights of walking acrooss the Isle of Wight was the Tennyson Trail from Carisbrooke Castle in Newport all the way across the spine of the Isle of Wight to The Needles in Alum Bay. The weather was clear and bright which is perfect for walking and there was a refreshing coastal breeze as you approach the steady climb up to the Tennyson monument before gliding down the wide grassy pathway to the end of the island.

In terms of walking clothes and outdoor gear I always recommend a really good quality pair of walking boots. Extra layers of outdoor clothing in the rucksack and walking poles if you want the added imputous of striding out with some Nordic walking. The only other walking accessories required would be a map and compass but the routes are so well laid out and signposted I hardly needed them.

Please visit my Walks And Walking website for more detailed walks in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and even more UK walks which are all available to read, print, walk and share. You can also post your own walking routes, hiking routes, trekking routes, mountain walks, hill walks, mountain climbs and all other types of outdoor activities on my Walks And Walking Facebook page and also on the Walks And Walking Twitter page. 

Happy Walking!


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