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Handicap Car Equipment - Car Modifications for Disabled Drivers

Updated on August 25, 2012

Handicapped Car Accessories

If you were to look around the home of a disabled person you would see various pieces of equipment all over the place which are designed to make their lives easier. The exact true is the same within cars too – they were not designed for the disabled and the only modifications that hand controls cater for is the ability to drive. Well times change and there are a host of cheap and effective tools which makes the little problems nonexistent. Various pieces of cheaply priced equipment allow you to effortlessly lift up your legs, reach further than your arm, and provide back/neck support and so much more. I would like to list down all the little problems which can be solved but there are too many and I highly recommend you at least read through my Handicapped Car Accessories page because the chances are you’ll stumble across something that could make your life a whole lot easier.

Handicap Car Seats Equipment

When it comes to sitting down for long periods in your car, as well as getting in/out of your car there are several problems which disabled people face. The first issue which arises is turning to exit the vehicle and this problem is exacerbated by hand controls which take up valuable leg room and cause obstruction. Further problems which occur are in regards to the seat itself, and there are a variety of seats which provide lumbar support as well as orthopedic gel seats. All of these pieces of handicap car equipment aren’t going to change your entire life, but this page isn’t about making the big decisions, it’s about fixing the little problems which add up to make your life even more difficult.


Portable Wheelchairs

Driving to somewhere as a disabled person is one thing, but the driving is purely a means of transportation. When you get there you still need to be able to move around and for most people this means a wheelchair. Most wheelchairs used in the house are heavy and non collapsible which makes both lifting and storing them a problem. Portable wheelchairs are designed to be lightweight as well as foldable which allows them to be picked up and stored inside a much smaller space and in a much shorter time period. What’s more is that unlike what you may expect you aren’t paying any sort of a premium figure for the extra portability which makes it a good alternative for usual in house usage in some cases.

Handicap Car Equipment for Disabled Drivers

If you want to learn more then I suggest you see my disabled driving organisations main page on handicapped car equipment. On this page you can find out which car equipment is definitely needed, which is useful and which is more frivolous. It's a very useful resource for finding out everything about disabled car equipment and handicapped driving in general. To find out more visit handicap car equipment for disabled drivers now.

I really hope that you enjoyed this hub but you've got to remember that I put it together reasonably quickly and left of many different types of equipment. If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment below and I will personally respond. Or if you have anything to contribute to the discussion, or if I've made any mistakes then feel free to point them out too.


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