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Handicap Lift Chair

Updated on February 3, 2016

Handicapped Lift Chair

Sometimes a handicapped chair lift is called by a different name, like the handicapped lift chair I wrote above, or maybe by the name handicap wheelchair lift, or simply a wheel chair lift. Either way, it's all talking about the same type of chair, and a great solution for those who may have any type of mobility problem.

Having said all that, someone could identify a wheelchair lift as just what it is, and so it could differ. All I'm saying is don't be confused by people sometimes calling things by a name which could identify something else. If it helps you get out of a chair, it's a handicap lift chair or handicap chair lift, no matter what name someone may use when talking about it.

There are some people new to handicapped equipment, and you may be one of them, if that's the case, you may not yet have experience the somewhat scary position of being stuck in a chair you didn't think could ever happen to you. But when it unexpectedly occurs, it can be very disturbing, and many people can panic if they aren't aware of the possibility.

For that reason there are handicap lift chairs designed with that person in mind, and if you're one of them, or a loved one is one of them, a wheel chair lift could be the answer to their mobility challenges and fears.

Handicap Chair Lift

Sometimes even if you don't considered yourself disabled or limited in any way, there could be general problems or situations which make it hard to get up out of a chair. For example, you could be starting to have arthritis or possibly a recent surgery which could be causing you severe mobility challenges.

With that in mind, a handicap chair lift could be the solution to your problem or the problem of a loved one, and we'll talk a little on what it does and how it works as an aid and comfort to users.

How a wheelchair life works is it will lift you up at a 45 degree angle which lets the person sitting in the chair move their legs in a way that puts them on the floor so that they won't stress or strain their legs or back.

These lift chairs include a control switch which allows you to move the chair up and down to the desired height. While there are chairs that are even more complex than this, like being able to fiddle with the foot or headrest, this could be more complicated than it's worth, and depending on who's using it, may not be worth the extra trouble of learning. The main things is to help get someone out of a chair they would otherwise be stuck in. 

Seat Pads

Another type of aid that helps someone to get out of a chair is a simple seat pad. It does the same thing as a handicap chair lift, but is simply a pad you can put on the chair before sitting down, which will help you stay up in a way that aids you when wanting to get out of the chair. 

Photo Handicap Lift Chair

Handicap Chair Lift Styles

Don't be concerned that a handicap chair lift will look out of place in your home, as they have the same look as a regular chair, and so seems to be one if you have guests, while also coming in a variety of styles and color patterns which will work with almost any home décor.

The lift is tucked away underneath the chair out of obvious sight until it needs to be used. 

A chair lift helps keep you safe

If you or a loved one is struggling to get out of a chair, you owe it to yourself or them to get a chair lift. Not only does it help you when it's difficult to get out of a chair, but in some cases it may save a life if getting out of the chair is the key to doing it.


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    • profile image

      virginia Schmehl 

      6 years ago

      Just checking what you have, I may need to get one for my husband, he is having problem getting up from regular chair

    • profile image

      Lift Chairs 

      8 years ago

      It's not necessarily about the look of the chair, but the safety and convenience factor that is important. If decoration is concerned, you can always get a fabric cover or have one made custom to fit your room's décor.


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