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Happiness is not a BIG thing

Updated on November 24, 2008


Why do so many of us make the mistake by expecting happiness to big, great monumental moments? I believe true happiness comes in small doses added up so when reflect at the end of the day, we can count them and realize that it was a good day.

Happiness is basic. It's that first cup of coffee, your favorite shirt, someone remembering a small detail. Happiness can be a childs laughter, or curling up with that special someone under your favorite blanket watching a movie. Happiness is a random smile, your favorite joke or a simple cigarette. Happiness is comfort, and comfort is soothing, and soothing is relaxing.

Happiness is really many small things stone by stone built on top of each other. Not the same can be said for unhappiness. In one fell swoop someone or something can put you in a bad mood in an instant. You don't believe me what about that idiot that just cut you off in traffic, or that rude cashier?

Happiness may take effort, but its very much worth it time. Happiness is something that you can't "take-out" on somebody or lash out at someone. Happiness is something that you can share. Happiness is giving and generous. Happiness is light-hearted, and makes everyone around you feel good. 

So that's why, I believe happiness isn't an event, but a series of small chain-reactions that at the end of the day you can be thankful for. I found that at the end of the day if I can just say "thank you" for 5 positive things, my outlook on how I view my life changes. I find myself looking for the good in everything, instead of just the mundane or the negative.

Happiness may not be the easiest thing to find, but it is such an easy thing to lose.

Al Green "Love & Happiness" (live)


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