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The wise Birbal

Updated on April 28, 2015

The Pandit


Akbar and Birbal


Akbar court


A man many know and speak many languages, but in times of difficulty, he will only speak in his mother tongue

Emperor of Akbar was a great king in the Mughal emperor. Birbal a poet in his court. Birbal was a quick witted minister. Many humour stories were about him. It is in one.

Birbal tickle him in his right ear. The Pandit swatted at his ear, let out another snore, `Khaa..zz' and turned over.

Birbal continued to tickle the Pandit's ear from time to time and the Pandit kept on turning this way and that, swatting at his ears each time. By the the time Birbal had tickle him for the seventh time, the Pandit was thoroughly disturbed and agitated and cried out in his sleeps., `Who's dat...what's ...,' in his mother tongue!

Poet Birbal laughed, straw out from his pocket and left as quietly as he had come.

The next morning Akbar court was in session when the Pandit walked in. After being honoured by the king, he took his seat. Birbal, having taken permission from the emperor, rose and addressing the king and all present, said, `o lord Pandit, you had challenged us to find out your mother tongue by this morning. Well, Sir, your mother tongue is Telugu. Am I correct?'

The Pandit looked quite crestfallen and quietly nodded. Birbal then said. `If the knowledge we have makes us proud, then that knowledge is of no use'. The Pandit realized his mistake. He apologized to the King Akbar and departed.

The Mughal ruler then asked Birbal, `Tell us how you came to know his mother tongue?'

`Your Majesty, a man many know and speak many languages, but in times of difficulty, he will only speak in his mother tongue'.

He then related to the Emperor and all the courtiers about how he had sneaked into the Pandit's chamber the night before.

Everyone was laughing, as Birbal , with his usual sense of joke, described all that had taken place.

Birbal was appreciated by the claps in the court. Gold coins bag as gift was presented by the king Akbar.

The king Akbar and birbal

The Great king Akbar and his minister Birrbal


The Mughal king Aakbar was ruled India. He developed strong and stable economy. Navaratnas were in his court. Birbal was one of the poets in the court. The Muslim King Akbar was was born on 15th October 1542 in Umerkot India. He was died in 1605.

The King Akbar fort Agra



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