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Moms are the best. This season makes me miss mine but love my son’s even more.

Updated on December 10, 2013

My grandma was great and so was grandpa


Not all moms are warm and fuzzy.

My young son’s mother is not what you would call a warm and fuzzy gal. She is a smart, well educated type “A” personality. Prior to our son being born, one might have called her a “stone cold fish”. Let me just say we did not marry because of her gentle loving ways. A really good heart but really hard to connect to it.

I lay all that out so that you can see the difference between her as a wife and professional and a mom.

Moms are just special

After a Company Christmas party my wife and I were running through finances and priorities. I think she is allergic to something in standard red wine. Kosher type does not bother her but the other does. She was really itching all over. Worth looking into I think. What the heck they put chemies in red wine? That sucks if you know my logic. Red wine should be good for you. I do not much drink because I have alcoholic tendencies but a glass of wine with dinner should be sacrosanct of chemicals.

OTOH I got to apply my special blend lotion and she was fine. Me a little randy but so be life. She really did not want to be touched much more, and a good man goes with that reality. I would not either if I was all itchy. But just seeing her relieved was a huge blessing.

So our 3 year old had a wild frightful dream all the sudden. Something like “no not there, over here”. Mom went to the boy and dad consumed some herbal tea and stepped outside to love the stars and heaven on a winter night. Dad came back in and spoke to mom “are you two ok?” and “sorry honey I am being in his dreams” was the response to my inquiry. This lady has no clue of empathy or the meditative qualities of sleep, yet she just hopped right in to a 3 year old’s dreams and in his sleep he was giggling already. I maybe should rephrase that “right into her 3 year old’s dreams”, I am sure you get the point.

What? How does that happen? Well let me tell you about moms that are worth being moms. They just have a thing called bonding. Think of this; I am adopted and youngest of six. I was wet nursed, formula concepts were not advanced back in the fifties. But my first memories that are still cognizable are of my adoptive mother rocking me and singing in a chair. Truth be to Harry Belefonte and Nat King Cole. My momma called them gentlemen. I just bonded with my mother. She is more and will always be more than the stars and the moon and all grace. Mommas are just a part of their babies --- forever,,, even after death. (oh yes the first song was Matilda and I later named my champion dog that name. Mom hated the dog but loved the name)

Moms know how and when to apply rules.

Love is so cool. This guy is mom's snuggle bunny, how could we keep him off the grass.
Love is so cool. This guy is mom's snuggle bunny, how could we keep him off the grass. | Source

Moms are everywhere and heroes

Back to moms and I hope this song below helps to raise awareness that great mom’s are not just in suburbia but also in war torn countries and do amazing things for their children. They do more than that. When I see a mom doing her best I am instantly blessed. When I see a young mom stressed and struggling I am reminded to give more thanks.

This song about a mom, motivates me.

So where do mom’s get their supernatural strength?

Love. The answer is love. Now I do not mean this in any way to take away from the internal and physical fortitude of women. I mean this in the sense of miraculous strength, that kind of thing that we cannot naturally do. Like the song “pearls” from Sade. And no it does not need to be so dramatic; it is in all mom’s regardless.

Now I knew a mom and she had three boys. And the government took those boys away from her. Simply because she was a Hopi and they were Hopi children. Our great USA government made the boys go to a boarding place and attend my grade school. Their home and mom and dad lived over 100 miles away. Her brother and law drove her husband and her to the big city, Flagstaff. The husband dad had tuberculosis real bad and my father was a doctor to the tribes of my friends. First he suffered much and then died. All the mom had left were her 3 boys in the boarding place. My dad was moved by her plight. She gave up all she had to live with us so could walk each morning with us kids to school and we would go the extra half mile to walk her boys with us and then the same to get back home. Her name was Lena. And her boys Raymond, Red and Rick were my buddies always.

What a great mom Lena was and a great second mom to me. She would always have cookies hidden and always gave a laugh at the drop of a hat.

Do you give your mom the best Christmas present?

Do you give her a heart to heart gift ---- of you.

See results

Now that is beauty

For that is love.
For that is love. | Source

Now about pre-school.

Let me tell you that is very hard for a mom. Many mothers have to work and so there is day care. This is sad all the way around but not in my young son’s case. It was too cool. We call her Grandma Tam. She cannot speak a lick of English. She is a Vietnamese American citizen who came with the boat people at the end of that Vietnamese civil war.

Now let me explain this a bit here as it is a story of some women just being mom’s no matter the circumstance. Now my wife was born in Saigon less than a year before the fall. About 5 months later her father who was a paratrooper with the Green Berets as a guide, broke and lost his leg in a jump. He was captured and spent 4 years in a concentration camp. During this time my wife was hidden in the village of Cu Chi. And often her mom would leave there to go feed and care for my father-in-law in the camp. So it was Grandma Tam’s job to watch over my wife. Then she escaped.

Over twenty years later my wife and I would attend her Buddhist ceremonies in the early Sunday morning and go to a Vietnamese American “Mission” church closer to mid day. The same church I am now preacher and teacher at for youth and English speakers. Well one day even prior to my wife finding Christ she was sitting with me and this lady came over and asked “Hang?” Wow! It was grandma Tam. At that moment she became our American Vietnamese mother and she has prayed for and helped us everyday since. She is my son’s second mother as she was my wife’s. Mothers love radar always find a way and always do good for us children.

Do not tell mom!

Mom pretended not to notice but made dad get the camera -I like moms.
Mom pretended not to notice but made dad get the camera -I like moms. | Source

An inherent cosmic attraction.

I was adopted and I bonded with my mother. My wife was protected and bonded with her second mother Grandma Tam. So I am certain that blood would make the bond stronger --- or am I? Is it possible that my notions that God is love and love is God are true? Can it be that our interconnectivity is more spiritual than biological? For me it is a mystery. Are faith and love and our children so intertwined that no act of nature or of man can separate them? I think probably we would need to be blind not to see the connection. Which causes us to ask the next great question, “do men have the mother connection and are just taught to ignore it?”

Let us all give thanks to our mothers. And let us hope that they in turn give thanks to us.


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I love this comment Patricia it just plain makes me happy.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      4 years ago from sunny Florida

      My Momma was and still is a source of so much wisdom. She was a gentle loving patient generous and kind woman who always made time for whatever concern her children and grandchildren had.

      So much of what I learned from her was was the lovely way she lived her life that I so have tried to emulate. I fall short but keep trying. thanks for sharing this wonderful portrait about those you love.

      I miss my Momma every day...


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