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Happy Tips

Updated on May 2, 2016

Hello, the first thing that I want to tell everyone is that "We all deserve to be happy and it is our birthright to be happy". Many walk a road that is happy, stress free and filled with joy while many walk the road that is the exact opposite with feelings like depression, sadness, anxiety and a host of other feelings.

I believe that some people take life way to seriously and in my opinion I believe that people who are serious by nature end up attracting serious circumstances into their lives and serious people tend to look serious too...don't you think?

The first step to walking the Happy Road is to love yourself and forgive yourself of all wrong doings. It's important to forgive ourselves of anything that we have done, said or even thought of in the past.....things that we feel guilty about.

We are only human and making mistakes is part of the game. The trick is to learn from the first mistake and don't make it again. So forgive yourself of all negative's like emptying yourself out of all those things that may be holding you back. You see.....if you are holding on to something that you did from the past and that circumstance comes into your mind...the same feelings will come forth into your current reality that are held within that negative thought.

Negative things in our past can be like heavy anchors that keep us in a pit of sadness and a happy future looks bleek is you have any anchors folding you down. You must free and empty yourself of all negative things that are holding onto to you. Cry it out, say your sorry and move on to a better day without all the anchors.

Some people can lose the anchors quickly and some cannot. It all depends on how badly you want a life that exudes genuine inner lasting happiness. So set yourself free of anchoring chains and start a day with no negative thoughts from the past at all.

This is a starting point and love yourself for you are a perfect being in my eyes. I do not judge anyone who comes within my sight for we are all equal with only differing outer costumes and inner thoughts.

Love yourself for you were created in love. Love yourself for all the goodness in you and all the goodness that can come from you. Love yourself because you are a very special piece of the Earth Plane. Love yourself as Source loves you. Love yourself for the positive changes that you can make to your future and to many other lives. Love yourself for you hold power within your mind and thoughts.

I have unconditional love for everyone. I may not like what a person says, does or thinks....but I love the power within themselves that is blocked and can't get out to show its true nature to all.

So, forgive yourself from the negatives that hold you in a dark realm and love yourself as a free person, a new slate to begin with, make peace and move on with many happy days ahead!


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