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Happiness As an Inside Job

Updated on April 15, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

If We Were Only Encouraged to Think for Ourselves...
If We Were Only Encouraged to Think for Ourselves...

It All Started with Mother's Facial Signals

When we were babies-turning-toddlers we seemingly had a silent contract with gravity, as every little while we would fall like little sacks of potatoes. By itself it was all right, while we were busy learning that important skill of walking; but something else was there during those very first falls that we may find significant for our story.

Namely, at those initial falls we automatically looked at mother to see what was her interpretation of our fall. It was a learning instinct of using mother's reaction to know how we should react to that.

So, if mother showed a worried face, rushing to pick us up---we promptly cried, because that face meant that we were in trouble; and if she just smiled at our clumsiness and extended her arms in an inviting gesture, we picked up our heavy little bums and rushed towards those loving arms.

Unfortunately, it seems like we never stopped that routine of checking with others "what is appropriate to feel". We are social species and our collective consciousness is stronger in us than we may be realizing it.

Most of my thinking years I have devoted to detaching myself from that collective model of thinking, feeling, and acting, while keeping only those which were somehow adding to my sense of harmonious coexistence with the world. The rest was the property of my cultivated individualism and personal sovereignty. So I happen to know so well that line between my own thoughts and those prescribed by others.

Those toddler times might as well be roughly understood as the beginning of our alienation from ourselves---which includes a suggested interpretations of life situations and events as a "reason" to be happy or not.

The question we want to explore here is---whether there is something like our inherent state of happiness, maybe buried under collective consciousness, or even only disguised as something else.

We Have Become Masters at Creating and Solving Problems
We Have Become Masters at Creating and Solving Problems

Problem Solving---the Mankind's Obsession

There is something like a golden recipe hiding in all persuasive techniques, whether in business, religion, politics, or even medical establishment, and in all cases it involves a defined problem and an offered solution.

Thus, the best advertisement for a product is stating what problem it will solve; in medicine, it's a health problem that medicine will remove; in religion, it's about an offered salvation from evil; in politics, it's an offered protection from the "bad agenda of the opposition party".

Most of the collective consciousness is gravitating around problems, and we are programmed to view our survival as a string of possible threats which are calling for some solutions. We even measure our Intelligence Quotient by the criterion of an "ability to solve problems".

So, there you go---according to the paradigm of living, the whole life is basically nothing but a constant struggle against sickness and death. And then accordingly, happiness is supposed to be just an absence of unhappiness, so we have to be fixated on all those problems that are making us pissed-off and finding ways to remove them.

Indeed, it's a little wonder that we totally lost from sight this possibility that happiness is actually our natural state of being. But even less could we be willing to accept that the energy of our being pissed-off is actually the energy of happiness merely channeled through a tiny prism which alters its subjective "feel".

By being so conditioned to always label something as good, neutral, or bad, we can't fathom the possibility that our collective conditioning may be the only one responsible for something being called "bad", and as such a reason for our unhappiness.

For instance, we, Christians are accustomed to grieve when our dear ones die. In some other religions they rejoice over the person's entering a realm of peace and divine love. Ancient Spartan mothers gladly disposed of babies that didn't look strong and promising enough to contribute to their warring society. Imagine, their motherly instinct was totally inhibited by their strong social convictions. And these days we are also witnessing some suicide bombers whose families are proud of their sacrifice.

You see where I am going with all this? We never stopped with that routine of checking our mother's face to know if it's time for crying or smiling. "Mother" just took the form of society, cultural values, and persuasive influences from all kinds of authorities involved in that unholy business of brainwashing.

So Many Rules Preventing Happiness
So Many Rules Preventing Happiness

Duped into Unhappiness

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe most of that social conditioning is full of first class crap? I mean, is there anything in it that could serve as an enlightening indicator of our minds and bodies being actually perfect example of a happiness-in-process?

Really, as we think of the unfathomable intelligence making life possible in us from moment to moment---could we begin to realize that we wouldn't even be alive if it was not for an incredible harmony present in us? Just think about our brain cells which can, at any given moment, exchange between them more pieces of information than there are stars in the Milky Way.

Since we are basically bundles of energy, that energy must possess a high level of harmony in order for everything in us to function as it does. So I am saying in my conclusion that our bodies are happier than we could imagine, and it's only those tiny "chips", those crazy programs which convert that happiness into emotional crap.

Imagine ourselves as having an ocean of happiness at our disposal, with just a tiny island called "pissed-off resort"; and ourselves subscribing to spend our entire life just buzzing around that island to find as many problems as we can. And, since everyone is of our mindset, no one could tell us to take a swim in those magic waters.

Our Nervous System Is Always Ready for Happiness
Our Nervous System Is Always Ready for Happiness

Happiness---An Always Available State

Whether you have noticed it as yet or not, but I am basically stating here that we are already happy and we just don't know it, because we became proficient at rechanneling that happiness into something much less than that.

Let me prove it to you. Suppose you are most of the time a fairly depressed person. Then you casually check your lottery ticket not expecting anything good, of course, but then--- Bang!!! You just won yourself a jackpot!!! Millions of bucks!!!

So what happens in that very moment? Do you just shrug and say: "Too bad, I am so depressed, and my nerves are so shut that I just can't see anything special about this damn ticket"?

No way. There you go dancing all over your living room, using your couch for a trampoline, laughing to your tears, in a brainstorm cataloguing all those things that are available to you as from now on.

How is that possible? Only a moment ago you could have sworn that your life was a mess, that you don't deserve anything better, that no one understands you...and now, with those millions do you really give a damn who understands you?

You got my point? That happiness was ready all the time in us to be expressed, and we just didn't give it a chance. Our nerves are perfectly capable of producing bliss right now, and they will, as soon as we get out of their way with all that crap that we learned from society about "when it is appropriate to feel happy".

In the Software of Our Socially Imposed Program Happiness Is Unattainable Ideal
In the Software of Our Socially Imposed Program Happiness Is Unattainable Ideal

Let's Collectively Wake Up!

We have to snap out of that groove dictated by the social favorite pastime of "finding problems and looking for a solution". We have to start creating this new belief that problems don't exist---only solutions, only choosing what we want of life and then following it, without eyes being fixated on obstacles.

Hey, folks, the whole mankind is duped by the garden variety of profiteers offering us "solutions"---while first inventing problems. How much longer will it take us to see it clearly and start choosing for ourselves what to believe and what to junk as a gimmicky idiocy?

The News Media, that "mother's face telling us whether it's time to cry or smile" has instilled into our emotional functioning that same pattern of "rough sex"---where we can't derive a joy without hurting first.

We seem to thrive on problems of all sorts, and to us it would be equal to a doomsday if the world ever achieved peace, harmony, cooperation, mutual support, and other "symptoms of being normal".

And in all that meantime that tiny chip in our head just keeps contaminating that happiness in us, drop after drop squeezing its poison into our body cells, shortening our lives, making us sick and dysfunctional.

That tiny chip which parades as our identity and makes us oblivious to the truth that we could change all that almost in an instant and opt for happiness instead of incessant chasing our tail by looking for "solutions to the problems", ours and global.

We Naturally Seek Happiness When No One Is Preventing It
We Naturally Seek Happiness When No One Is Preventing It

No Approval Needed for Being Happy

In this article I tried to offer to the readers a new platform of emotionality, with its realistic possibility of de-hypnotizing ourselves from those social trends which make us all emotional robots, responding to some cue-words thrown at us and similar to those that we have for our dog when we want him to role over for a treat.

I started by bringing it all to that basic level of expecting our mother to tell us how to react to our falling. Then I elaborated on it as the basic pattern for all our future reactiveness to life, pointing at this crazy need to base all our life efforts on "removing" something, instead of seeing what we want of life and working on attainment of it.

Happiness is inherent to our being, it's a default arrangement in us mimicking the general highly intricate and harmonious functioning of our bodies. We don't have to "struggle" for it; it's available, as soon as we really "get it" on our gut level, not only intellectually.

We have to come to that "a-ha" moment in the assessment of our truth, that gut-realization which will stay with us as a constant reminder that we don't want to be anyone's emotional puppet---be it a politician, a relative, a preacher, a friend, a shrink, a nutritionist, or anyone else selling us their snake-oils for happiness and wellbeing.

As soon as we start thinking for ourselves, happiness and health may overflow our whole personal space like a wave of that ocean that I mentioned earlier---ocean of bliss, our true birthright that no Constitution need to guarantee to us.


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