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The Happy go lucky virtual lifestyle

Updated on May 22, 2013

Are you a happy camper? have you run into a bus lately or been running after one that just left the bus station?

Do you own a car and want to sell the darn rust bucket and simply want to acheive happiness of finally owning that brand new one. Well you came to the right place, this article is going to go into great details as to how to go about achieving happiness without owning a damn thing.

What's being crafted here is a new age form of happiness, and its called "digi-awesomeness!"

All you have to do is follow these step by step guide lines and your off to the races of locating that secret key to unlocking your happiness. Yes indeed it is a true secret just like that stupid movie they once had, trying to tell you its all about the laws of attraction.

Yup you are going to learn the hard way, that true happiness doesn't even start from that of what you see in your eyes, and even a blind person can find such happiness, this article will get at it all maybe down in the 5th or 7th paragraph "Hint, hint!"

Approaching 40 million views, no way!

By eperry
By eperry | Source

Happiness is irrevant today, because it comes from within

So what's this thing about acting out loud in a crowd yelling fire! um_mm is that the key to true hapiness. The acting out of order in court must ring some digital bells of many jail inmates maybe, or that of some silly impressionist who is looking for affection in the wrong places perhaps. Nope none of these things are going to make a person truly smile in the inside of themselves, or maybe it will for the synical types.

Acting stupid and silly as a clown, will that make a person happy? Maybe or maybe not, I do believe if you jump out of a moving vehicle while laughing at your bones cracking as you crash land isn't cool at all.

Don't tell that to all the silly Youtube video makers and weirdos acting out these crash dummy parts, and out there on the Y-Tube that are in the millions, where they try the most darndest things to earn viral views by acting so dumb, haphazardly silly, and doing the most rediculous stunts ever.

Does watching this nonsense all the time, all day and all night till your eyes bleed make you happy? Maybe or maybe not, but one things for certain getting hurt while acting so stupid will always end you up either in the hospital wilth tubes tied up your nostrils, or in the graveyard shift where some little squirrels like to drop their aerial turds on your stinking coffin from their favorite tree house, and worms are your next best friends.

By VinothChandar
By VinothChandar | Source

Stupid Happiness

Being stupid is fun isn't it, you know when you just came from a movie and you enjoyed it so much you had to clown out and act a fool, talking through the whole thing. Then when you stepped outside you and your friend decided to simulate exactly what you saw. One karate kicks you in the head, and the other drop kicks you in the stomach (Like the Karate Kid), and even though you feel like your dying now, you somehow manage to cough up an unjustifiable laugh from the belly of nowhere.

This is the food for thought that makes silliness seem funny, and things that are apparently incorrect behavior appear to look super cool when its truly not.

Now where in the world did the rules to normality go, where has the world took the wrong left turn. "Yikes" is all I can think in terms of that global parameter. (Watching movies like One Flew over the coo coo's nest, by Jack Nicholson, and acting them out is now considered the norm I guess.)

Us humans should be ashamed of ourselves creating all this shock and awe, merely to create a society that depends primarily on that of dry ass comedy, and the worst television programs ever! with a million plus cable channels, that are completely worthless and completely void of true authenticity or worthwhile entertainment for our viewing pleasures. What has happened to us all? and no wonder why so many sad faces, and those always desperate folks seeking to watch free movie streams that aren't online any longer today.

Huh? what's that, oh yeah them kids up there behind the bars, ummm.... I think they just got arrested for laughing to much in a movie theater, while talking out loud as if they were the movies tour guides or something. Not sure, but the image looked cool to use and fit the scene of the crime precisely "LMFAO!"

Watch at your own risk!


Does poring beer or liquor on the head of a person make you happy?

There are so many weird things that have recently been on the public agenda, and ever since cyber space took ownership of Peter Parkers web, and ever since cyber bullies become the focus (Darn slimy web crawlers).

Socially networking and grouping up with some complete dumb asses is the trend today for some odd reason, and mainly because people tend to accept whatever that gets thrown or feed at them onto these computer screens, which is also known as FB news streams or RSS feeds. Maybe a pie in the face is cool, or a cold beer down their chimney aka upper deck of their dress, skirt, or shirt if they're a man. Maybe just maybe this will help someone who's slightly manic depressive, or paranoid schizophrenic to break out a true smile. Who knows!

In all seriousness none of this seems to be normal activity, more like paranormal activity like in the shocking Hollywood movie triller, but for some odd reason it tends to make people laugh.

Maybe doing the Gangnam style dance if you're the Prince of Persia is cool, and enlightening enough to make you crack a smile or two. You can be President Obama and get on Youtube and do the Harlem Shake, maybe even score 5 billion views in a matter of seconds, who knows, the funny thing is, it has been working for many people today who stake their claim to fame as a weirdo shaking all out of order and such as if they're having a sitting or standing epileptic seizure.

This all is definltely a laughing matter and on the new world governments political agenda today, as they follow PSY worldwide on his virtual escapades for global take over via Youtube.

Just in case break glass! darn where did that happy thought come from hmmm.....

Ummm... back to where I was at, we all need to get a good laugh ever now and then, and instead of going to war for no obvious reasons, other then to steal stuff from folks, maybe in the desert or elsewhere. Moving onwards to other happiness world news.

Happy sandwich Face!

By wrecked design
By wrecked design | Source

Joining the Youtube ban wagon is happiness today or is it!

Well many folks have jumped ship elsewhere in this life, and simply decided to hop on the Youtube gravy train. Yup there's people from all walks of life actually redefining the whole spectrum surrounding what really makes up the truth to this key to success in life, which may indeed open up a tad bit of happiness, to continue leading your world domination campaigns. (Just joking folks, come on have a sense of humor why don't Ya :)

Look at it this way, video is the method to the sharing madness, and our eyes have always misdirected us all to believe in things that aren't apparently true, but they're funny as hell to watch even so. A massive So, and I guess this is the way to true happiness after all, maybe try to explain it to any friendly neighborhood mental health counselor, coach, or adult/child psychologist and they'll tell you exactly what I think about it.

"I so firmly believe that It's all screwed up and a bag of virtual popcorn, because for me true happiness manifest within my human spirit, and not outside of things in this virtual realm we're all being consumed by each and every day." Darn online everything!

A silly reaction video, of a cool guy taking the Youtube plunge


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @always exploring, thank you so much Ruby, i figured it was time to stir things up a bit, because I sense a huge lack of happiness going around on the web and all recently.

      Then again in some places I also sense a great deal of folks trying to break the mold, and it feels good to see so many people just letting it all hang out and letting loose for a change, you know. Oh and yeah I love to see the President do the Harlem Shake as well, and maybe even that Gangnam Style dance, that would be the day LOL :)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Well i didn't have to go to route 66 to get my kicks, i just watched all these nuts trying to kill themselves. LMAO I would love to see the president do the Harlem shake, that would make my day..Cheers Mike....


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