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Happy is the Hand that is Moisturized and Clean

Updated on June 26, 2015


“Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” And with the diligence that goes into becoming rich and successful, comes a very sad predicament for the hands.

The grind that hands go through to help us and make things convenient for us indeed renders them worthy of the highest level of care. The right care for hands can be done to a great extent through hand lotions.

Problems that hands face on a daily basis and the role of hand lotions in alleviating the problems

Dry hands: Weather plays an important role in robbing moisture from hands. During winters, hands and other areas of the body feel and look dry. The best hand lotion for dry hands helps in delivering much needed moisture to the hands, and in ensuring smooth, supple and healthy hands. Besides winter, dry hands can also be a result of the work that you do. If you are in a profession that involves contact with various types of chemicals, your hands can take a lot of beating in terms of moisture loss.

Moisture loss from the hands is also a side-effect of frequent hand-washing. To keep the hands clean and to avoid various types of infections, it is advised to keep hands clean. True to the advice, infections do remain at bay with frequent hand-washing, but in the bargain, hands lose precious moisture. Hands lose essential oil and moisture and fall prey to problems like chapped skin and dry surface.

Keeping infections away and keeping the hands moisturized are both important; therefore, the easiest solution is to use an antibacterial hand lotion. This not only keeps bacteria away but also helps the hands retain essential moisture. Alternatively, a normal hand lotion can also keep the hand moist and supple, even when washing hands frequently is a health necessity.

Best Hand Lotion for Dry Hands


What to expect from the best hand lotions

• Complete protection from dry, chapped, cracked and bleeding hand skin
• Additional protection from effects of ageing and harmful rays of the sun
• Moisturized, supple, smooth skin

Ingredients in hand lotions that help in protecting the hand health

• Water: Yes, it is the body essential element for the body as also for the hands. The water is distilled and pure to prevent the presence of any microbes. It is mixed with other ingredients to not only seep into the skin but also to remain there for an extended period of time.

• Glycerin: It has the capacity to draw water from the air, and therefore, it is such an important ingredient in hand lotions. Besides, glycerin also helps in keeping the skin smooth and supple.

• Anti-microbial compounds: In addition to providing moisture to the hands, lotions provide health by also reducing the possibility of disease transmission through hands.

• Oils: Different types of oils are used in hand lotion. Each type of oil has specific benefits for the skin, and customers purchase oil based hand lotions based on their preference for a particular type of oil. Coconut and olive oil are two popular oils used in hand lotions. Shea butter is also widely found in lotions.

• Emulsifier: Although oil and water are two of the most important constituents of hand lotion, they present one difficult problem: they do not mix. Emulsifiers are needed to mix oil and water and make a homogeneous and smooth combination of the two.

• Aloe Vera: The soothing and healing nature of aloe makes it an important ingredient in many hand lotions for men and women. Customers are also very specific regarding the presence of aloe matter in hand lotions.

• Citric acid: The best hand lotions have the most appropriate and effective preservatives to keep them fresh. Citric acid as a preservative is very effective in increasing the life of hand lotions and keeping them fresh for extended use.

The best hand lotions mostly carry the above mentioned ingredients, and you should look for them when making a purchase. There are some harmful ingredients which are used in hand lotions. While purchasing a hand lotion, look into the content list for the below given ingredients and avoid products which contain them.

Synthetic fragrances: They can cause uneasiness, head ache, and dizziness.

Synthetic color: Can cause skin problem, some are even cancerous.

Imidazolidinyl Urea: A toxic which can be harmful to overall health

Petroleum derivatives: Harmful to the skin as they tend to block ventilating pores.

Hand lotions are a great way to protect hands from dry, cracking, and chapping, and it does not take much of an investment, either in or money or in time, to use hand lotions.

What is the best way to keep your hands healthy?

• By keeping them dry and clean
• By keeping them moisturized and clean with a good hand soap and lotion set
• By continuously cleaning them


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