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Hard Working Women: Suggestions for Chronic Back Issues

Updated on January 23, 2017

Hardworking Women

Working Side by Side With the Men

My heart and this article go out to all those women who have spent the majority of their life working hard in the manual labor world. The women who break their backs to make a living and that includes all of you.

Whether that is in the home being a housewife, which can very well be back breaking, or maybe you are one of those fine women who work in the construction field, or on the farm. No matter what you have a career chance are that you have strained and overworked your back.

Here are a few facts for you. Did you know that at least twenty percent of people suffer from chronic back pain which can lead to surgery? About sixty percent of all people who have a back surgery go back into surgery withing two years to have another surgery. Out of those sixty percent, only about five percent get any relief from a third surgery. Just think about the possibility of preventing surgery with a few less invasive ideas.

No matter what sort of work you do this is something that few of thinking about until it is already too late. I know I mention all you hard working women but anyone can benefit from knowing a few other options. I have been talking to several women who inspired this article so I decided to dedicate it to them

You know who I'm talking about the women who work side by side with the men and sometimes run circles around them.

Now in your forties and beyond you suffer from a variety of back problems which can include sciatic nerve pain, degenerative disk disease, bulging or herniated disks and several more aches and pains.

I have searched for the best ways to treat these things for myself and have decided to share the information that I have gathered with all of you. I have come to realize that there are many options out there that do not include injections and surgery. I just think that a lot of women and men immediately jump on the idea of surgery before giving anything else a try. That is not to say that surgery isn't necessary sometimes but I think it should be a last resort.

What is you bed doing to your back.

I can tell you from experience that having the proper bed is crucial to back comfort. If you suffer from any back ache's or illnesses your bed could be one of your biggest problems.

When you have an uncomfortable or sagging bed it adds stress to all your muscles leading to your spine being out of alignment. I have found over the last few years after going through several different beds that having a good bed alleviates a lot of pain.

Every person out there has their own comfort level but investing in a bed or maybe just a mattress has many good advantages. Not only will you be more comfortable and your muscles will be less likely to be stiff in the morning but you will have a better nights rest.

There have been several studies that suggest that lack of sleep is one of the top reasons that women feel irritable and moody in the morning. Add to that the pain of a sciatic nerve being flared up or your neck being stiff, no wonder we get moody more than once a month.

I have to tell you that one of the best-priced mattresses that I have found is on Amazon right now for an affordable price. For the price you pay at a big box store for a mattress that in my opinion is less quality and probably not as good for supporting your spine, you can get a 13 inch Brentwood gel memory mattress with bamboo cover. I know from experience that this is a good investment. I don't think that you necessarily need to go out and purchase a five thousand dollar bed that has all the bells and whistles to find a product that will help you with back issues. I also know that not spending enough money will only lead you to have an empty pocket and a mattress that is no better than your old one that you have been meaning to replace for twenty years.

We often overlook the expense of buying a new mattress because it is not the priority on our list. I hope that women out there reading this will start to look at your back as the priority because age catches up to us quick.

Excercise? Not what your thinking.

Ok now you will think I am crazy. Well maybe a little, but I am serious about this.

I know it might seem funny to refer to exercise as a treatment after mentioning how we overwork our bodies but it is a real treatment for back issues.

The exercise that I am talking about isn't the go loose wait exercise. I am actually talking about specialized exercises that target the core issues in your back. The same kind of exercises that a physical therapist would do with a person who was referred to them with back pains.

I have found that starting out working hard at a young age is great unless you slow down or even quite working hard. Everything seems to get soft and your inner muscles start to work less leaving you with issues like bad posture, or no muscle tone in areas that used to be warmed up everyday and worked hard.

You than find yourself hurting when you want to do the same activities that you used to when you where in your twenties, many times leading to an injury or days of pain in the least.

We have all heart that walking is one of the best exercises for your lower back but don't forget about all the muscles in your shoulders, upper back and neck. There are very specific exercises for these areas and you do not necessarily have to go join the gym. Many are listed online and if you ask your doctor he should be able to give you a list of them from his own network of information.

So yes as we get older and softer we will start to feel all the back breaking work we have put in over the years and yes sooner or later you will go seek out information to fix what is not working.I am gust suggesting that you try some of the simpler things before having a doctor cut, poke or fuse anything together.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

This is one of my favorite treatments to consider. I worked for a first hand with a chiropractor's office who taught me about this method.

Before you go running off screaming because I mentioned Chiropractor let me explain to you about this method.

This is a treatment that is considered a medical process, not the bone crunching that pops into your head when you see the word chiropractor.

This is a no- invasive, non-surgical treatment that relieves the pressure in the cervical spine leading to actual healing in the spine. This specific treatment is the only treatment out there that has studies that prove it promotes actual healing of the spine.

The treatment is literally like laying down and taking a nap, as many patients told me they did. Remember this treatment will not work for every single person but only the doctor will be able to make that determination at the time of the consultation.

This is a treatment that I stand behind after speaking to many of the patients personally who swear by it. Although it is not widely popular yet many insurance companies are now paying for the treatment. Most chiropractors offering this treatment will offer a low or no cost consultation to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

I remember one lady that I spoke to was in her seventies and she told me that the day she walked into the office she had to use a cane or walker. She told me this as I watched her lifting a few weights while she waited for her appointment. She explained to me that all the doctors wanted to send her in for surgery and she just didn't think at her age that it was a good idea. She had heard of this treatment through some kind of marketing at a local gardening show. She mentioned how much she missed gardening but still went to the shows with her daughter. She was very skeptical and procrastinated for some time. The pain finally prompted her to call and set up the consultation and she decided there was nothing to loose by going to the consultation. Then with a smile, she proclaimed that after a couple of treatments she began to notice the pain wasn't that bad and after a couple more she wasn't using her assisting devices anymore." Now" she said I am gardening again.

Unbelievable or not this is a true story.

I spoke to many more people who gave testimony to great success. Some that traveled from out of state once a week just to have this treatment done.

My thoughts and opinions are based on my own experiences and I believe in giving this treatment a try before going to have surgery.


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