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Harmful Pharmaceutical Drugs

Updated on July 6, 2012


It seems that everywhere we turn there are prescription drugs being passed out to every person over the smallest of things... from a simple cough to having bad breath. Why is this going on? Are more people taking medications each year because of some genetic hypochondriac disorder? What is going on, and can we do something to fix it?

If you are one of those people who go to the doctor to see if you are healthy, and the doctor prescribes you a medication that you later find out was more harmful to you that living through the pain... chances are, you are reading this article. Every prescription is harmful to us no matter how advanced it is. Our bodies are manipulated by compacted chemical caps and pills, causing temporary irregularities to help us(or are they temporary?).

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I recently found out that my grandfather is 'giving up'. He has gone through heart surgery much better than expected, but all of a sudden.... We found out years ago that it was his blood pressure medicine that caused damage to his heart and Kidneys. There was a recall on the medication, but he was too sick to take one day off of the prescription.

How severely did the prescription affect his body each day within the three years he took it? Tremendously! The elderly people in this generation are not dying because they are old, they are dying because they are guinea pigs to toxic concoctions claiming to be medicine. I have a list of prescriptions that I wish I could talk about,, but I don't know if that's allowed.

Certain metals are placed in medications, giving the body new, confusing signals. At first the medication seems to work, but then all of the toxins build up too high in the system. Your body can only take so much torture or confusion before it notices and warns the self what is going on. Most of the time it is too late. Long-term damage is sealed in the blood.

Every human's body is different, therefore, not every prescription will work on every person that needs its properties. When this is true, allot of chemicals that seem to fight off illness in one person with a particular chemical ingredient, may be a bodily invader to another patient. When a person's body looks at only one part of the medicine as an invader, the immune system will kick in and try to overcome the medicine. However, the bad chemical will follow along with a 'good chemical' and fool the body. The patient takes another dose of the medicine and this continues, but the body cannot catch up, killing off the bad with all of its fury and still have more energy to kill off the excess when there are more invaders..... what a thought-full!


What options do we have left after our bodies are destroyed by a harmful prescription? Have you heard of natural medicine... or herbal remedies? Herbal remedies have been around for thousands and thousands of years. People use ginger or chili peppers for back aches and peppermint for stomachaches....

Not everybody is happy to hear about herbal remedies. In fact, at this time, in 2012, people tend to think of 'natural medicine' as the 'stuff' you smoke or 'bake'... this is all because of the new laws and media attentions. Sure that kind of natural medicine may help, but the smoke is just as harmful to the tiny hairs in the lungs as the prescription drugs are to the liver or kidneys (my opinion, from what I know, see, and hear).

Are natural remedies just as good at healing certain ailments as modern-day medicine? Yes. In fact, where else do you think they get all of these chemicals for the prescriptions? If you are going to go all herbal with your medicines, though, you need to have done your research on natural medicine and prepare for the prices of it all (money-wise). When using natural substances for healing, you need to make sure that you always have some on hand, and a generous amount of whatever it is you require.

Berries are very good in antioxidants, but also pack allot of sugars. Try using a variety of different herbs, spices, fruits, oils... try it all and mix it all. It may taste gross, but shove it down with a chaser of water or decaffeinated tea and see how it affects you. My grandfather got stronger after his surgery with all of this, but he got stressed out... long story short he got more sick because of stress.

I am writing this as a warning... if you take a medication... please, just try a natural remedy under your doctor's care. Try.

Well, I have another article coming similar to this one. I will try and post one about different herbal remedies of my own, too. I hope you enjoyed thinking with me while reading the article. I want to hear stories that you all have to share. Let me know something new. Take care everyone!

- Brandon J Martin

If you have any comments, personal stories, ANYTHING that you want to say or that you were thinking while reading this article, please let me know by submitting a comment, in the comment box below. Thanks.


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