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Harmonize Organize Possibilitze Empathize- HOPE

Updated on March 30, 2012

Project HOPE

What is HOPE?

Have you ever thought about HOPE as a real living thing and not an abstract concept? What is hope really? Where does it come from? What is the etymology of the word? The Online Etymology Dictionary describes “hope” as a word of unknown origin. If refers to”hope” as a Germanic verb, but there is no authentication about the real source.

Isn’t that interesting? There is no real source of hope in the English language! What, then, is hope? If it’s a state of mind it becomes a noun. Is hope a way of living? Then it’s a verb! Is hope a means of existence, a place where opportunity exists? Back to noun, or maybe adjective, if we are modifying the word “place”.

Now this Hub is not about what hope is or isn’t. Smarter people than me can sit in ivory towers or hermit caves and ponder that. I have a life to live.

Nope! Over time, I have discovered that for me, The Abundant Old Soul, hope is not a thing. It’s not a place. It’s not a wish. It is a set of guidelines. Funny thing, as I write these words, the first thought that comes to mind about my view of hope is “Rules”. Hope is not a set of rules for me. It’s a set of guidelines. It’s a set of choices that I can make or not make. Thus, from now on, when I refer to hope, it will be in complete caps.

HOPE begins with harmonizing what I think about and how I think about it, with what I perceive in the world at a given time. I may be perceive and actually experience pain. I may perceive and actually experience excitement. I am aware that these sensations are just .sensual experiences of one who is really a spiritual being. I know when I am in harmonizing mode these experiences will pass soon. While I appreciate that the “soon” is open to interpretation, given what I know about the life of the universe, my sensations are pale in comparison.

When I am in harmony, my enjoyment knows that I am breathing. Abundance is the awareness of my hands hitting the keyboard strokes while watching magic squiggles appear on a one dimensional screen. Harmony occurs as I watch my nine year old snore loud enough to wake up the dead; all the while I know that he is dreaming dreams of blue moon ice cream and Nana time.

Many eons ago, I taught kids about life. The school curriculum was the tool I used in order to explain the mysteries of abundance and teamwork and cooperation. As kids progressed on projects, I could glance out of the windows of my classroom and view the street scenes below me. Closing my eyes I can still see the water colored paintings of life going on around me. Side note- water colored only because the windows leaked- public schools you know. Taking a deep breath and allowing myself to experience the work creation and the imagination of genius’ reminded me to exist in harmony.

Harmony feels good. It’s the light headedness I get from knowing that I can create it if I accept it. My pastor calls this “accepting grace”.

Part of my HOPE practice is to organize. Sounds anal? Maybe a little OCD? When I organize, there are indeed times when I make lists of to dos and to don’ts. These are the road maps that help me see the way forward. One hundred and two years ago, my lists were all about “honey do” items for myself. As I have grown, these lists are more about being convinced of my life path. My honey do is now “How Can I help?” That is a really, gratifying place to live in. Do I have bills to pay? Yes? Appointments? Of course? My life is full with kids and people and stuff.

I am sure of the fact that if I keep working, if I keep seeing miracles, the “honey dos” will become “honey dids”. That’s organizing!

Classic Example Number 1: I promised my wife to sand and revarnish about eight window frames. No big deal. This is a job I’ve done before. I know how to do it. Well, the job took seven months to complete. That’s about three or so weeks per window. Why?

My organization was just a little off. Every time I looked at the windows, the bad butterflies attacked my ability to work. The black cockroaches that convinced me to wait another day had assured me of the fact that I could not succeed in such a Herculean task. Some people would just say “Lazy”.

In reality, when I got my mind around this project, each window took about ten minutes. The organizing aspect to the assault was that once I agreed with the HOPE concept and decided to let the project flow, there was no longer any reason to fear the outcome. That would be whatever it would be. Success became nothing more than my judgment of what its meaning was.

As I learn how to live, it occurs to me that we are really, really all one person. That’s a trite concept these days, but the more I ponder it, the more it smacks me like my son’s kiss when I’m trying to catch15 extra minutes of dream time. Wet, warm and loving.

If we are all one, what then, if I begin to think in terms of possibility and not improbability. When I am living the HOPE lifestyle, I am thinking that with perseverance and faith good will eventually replace evil. People who have a different view are entitled to it. I love them for their view, because they are a part of me. Loving me feels better than hating me, so living in possibility is a matter of what one desires to see. I prefer to see miracles and wavy kids chasing each other around pure fun. Anyone want to see darkness? Tragedy? OK.

If I am open to possibility then I am also open to miracles. It’s amazing what happens when people ask me “How y’ doin’?” And I answer “I’m dreaming dreams and I’m seeing miracles!” The miracle for me is that more often than not, after the smile, the question asker poses a new question…. “Can I come there with you?” Why not? See possibility and you’ll see miracles.

Yes, there are times when it makes more sense for me to live a Dread lifestyle. Don’t ask me why? I prefer hope, but, being human, you know how that goes. Those are the times when I remember to slow down, and Empathize with myself. Part of the Empathy is to encourage my growth in experiencing life. Breathing, walking, writing, meditating, talking out loud, remembering and thinking are all good exercises for me. Shaming and guilting are exercises as well; they just don’t work to get me where I want to be. I want to be with the people I love, living the life I choose.

Knowing my purpose is a help. If I know that my purpose is to serve, part of service is to offer HOPE. So, today I offer you HOPE. How does it feel?

Dream dreams and you’ll see miracles!

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have hope
have hope

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    • Abundant old soul profile imageAUTHOR

      Abundant Old Soul 

      6 years ago from united states

      With hope we will always be ok.

    • whonunuwho profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      I appreciate your hub about hope very much. It is inspirational. Thank you!

    • Abundant old soul profile imageAUTHOR

      Abundant Old Soul 

      6 years ago from united states

      Thank you! This is a great way to learn and a great way to live!


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