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Developing Assertiveness will reduce Stress

Updated on January 12, 2016

Fighting spirit with challenges will reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is almost an integral part of people, so called people with varying degree of success. There is a huge literature on the Net on anxiety and how to reduce the same. It ranges from use of an assortment of medications, Yoga and meditation techniques, behavioral therapy, food and vitamin supplements, smartly marketed tools and techniques and the list goes on.

Source of Anxiety

What is the genesis of anxiety? It is simply put "discomfort" from situations, people, contexts, surroundings and other parts of external environment. The phenomena of anxiety, in many or most cases has to do with childhood shaping where a child starts developing fear syndrome through a host of influences on his raw mind which ranges from aggressive and insensitive parents, repressive school surroundings or a peer group which starts intimidating him on a regular basis. The mind does not come back to its normal and natural self which it should as the attack of stress or anxiety generating factors are relentless in their attack. The discomfort caused by a factor or a combination of factors cause deterioration of the mind when it comes to coping with uncertainties in a calm and collected manner. At a very high level of the disorder every single event or a situation where one has to perform or to shoulder responsibilities becomes a source of anxiety. At this stage perhaps or may be in all certainty one needs to take the help of professionals.

How to reduce Anxiety

But the key is addressing anxiety syndrome in its infancy. One thing is almost certain that in case of anxiety phenomena the mind goes out of control in a way where it start getting into a corner of mind's space where it keeps thinking about future sources of anxiety or more appropriately fear and gets addicted. We need to rehabilitate it through measures such as strong concentration on what ever we are doing or making strong efforts to get engage to activities which require heavy concentration.

Anxiety Changes Personality traits

Another thing I felt while grappling with anxiety that the entire personality has become a kind of defensive and fear stricken. The ability to assert and being firm has taken a beating and rarely performing. The phenomena of being aggressive and showing anger has taken a back seat. I tried to get angry with the forthcoming anxiety situation and started cursing the "boss" or that situation. I started talking to my self, "What the hell! I will do that assignment in a successful manner". I further built on that, "Bastards, *******, all the abuses I could remember! And I felt a sense of relief though for a short time.

Bring out desired type of emotions

Perhaps we need to become a bit more aggressive in our thought process to anxiety causing factors/people and reinforce that ability of feeling a sense of aggression, the confidence coming back. We need to consciously build the anger part silently and see the change. It does give relief. Perhaps we can moderate our emotional state of mind when under anxiety and find our own ways to do it to reduce our enemy, the ever present anxiety in our minds.

This is one very tiny tool to get some relief and perhaps if we practice it regularly, one fine day we may see the back of anxiety. But it is not the only tool as it has to be supported by exercise, using of senses to full, healthy food, entertainment and most importantly accessing the literature on the internet.


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