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ABC's of Self-Realization: Harnessing Harmony

Updated on September 6, 2013

There are several words that are synonymous with harmony: peace, balance, rapport, cooperation, and unity.

So many happenings in the world today are the opposite of the descriptive words above. So much of the world longs for peace, unity, and balance. It seems to be elusive, yet, it so many ways, it’s so simple. It really is. The saying goes something like, “Peace begins at home.” In order for us to ever expect peace in society or peace between nations we must learn to find it within ourselves and exemplify it to those we love right in our own homes.


We can’t share what we don’t feel inside, as everyone knows. Yet, if we have a deep desire to see more harmony in the world, we also must have the determination to find it within ourselves. As it goes with anything worth having, so it goes with harmony – it’s worth the effort. It takes gumption (one of my favorite words), it takes discipline and determination and a strong will to go inside ourselves and seek to find the peace that is innately there, yet buried beneath a lot of “mess” that has built up over the years. Whether by reading books, going to meetings, praying, journaling or whatever it takes, harmony can be found inside. It’s our innate birthright. We can have it – we do have it, we just have to take the time to find it.

Once our harmony and balance is found from within, we can then express it and share it with those we love. We teach our children the strengths we have found. We teach them about their innate value, worth, talent, intelligence and love. That allows them to go out in their daily lives and share those same truths with their friends and people they come in contact with. The ripple effect goes out from there, to other people, in other places, to other cities, states, and countries throughout the world. It’s a simple truth, with simple actions, yet the effort, as mentioned above, is not easy. But it’s so worth it. It’s the first step to a whole new world and that makes it definitely worthwhile.


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