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Harnessing The Power Of Reality

Updated on December 9, 2011

Harnessing The Power Of Reality

It has been scientifically documented that an easy but effective way to enhance your well-being is accessing the earth's energy. Walking barefoot allows you to soak up earth's energy, inviting these free following electrons to travel within your body, energizing you and at the same time providing antioxidant-like services to neutralize those free radical "bad boys". And that's very cool.

Another way to enhance your well-being and to help prevent insanity and stress from bogging you down is to harness the power of reality. And a very critical first step that you need to do is focus on what is genuinely real to you. If you don't, you will start focusing on things that don't add value to your life, and you will eventually fall into the trap of delusions and ultimately be disconnected with life.

A lot of us identify with who we are by the work we have achieved. And we fall into this delusional trap, thinking that our lives will be worth something if we accomplished a great feat or did the things we envisioned (e.g., giving back to society, contributing a huge sum of money to a charity or worthy cause).

Don't get me wrong here. It is important to clarify your purpose and vision; that is, to clarify and understand what you want to do with your life. You need that vision to guide you and empower you through life. Without it, life would be meaningless. However, you need to detach or free yourself from your vision. You cannot be a slave to it. What?!? Yes, that's right. You have to tell yourself that it's okay if you don't accomplish that which you envisioned. Otherwise, you are going to fall into that same trap, and continue to use your vision as a source to make you feel worthy and feel good about yourself.

Once you free yourself from your vision, you are in essence, detaching yourself from the belief that you need to make something of yourself to be successful. You have to come to a state where you are totally okay with where you are now, and completely at peace with it. It's all about accepting yourself for who you are and what you are. This freedom now opens you up to work on your dreams and goals, and move forward on your vision and purpose in a manner that is genuinely real to you.


Life can be abundant. But we need to bring it home ... and make it real. Then we can truly connect with life.


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