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Hasband's care towards pregnant wife

Updated on January 7, 2012

Husband’s responsibility towards a pregnant wife

A good husband’s responsibility towards a pregnant wife begins from the very crucial decision of planning a baby. I would rather say, responsibility begins while a couple decides for planning a baby. So few important factors, those can be considered before planning for a baby is:

1) Husband and wife should mutually agree to plan for a baby

2) Before planning, both husband and wife should be aware that they are in sound health to plan for a healthy baby.

3) A responsible husband must be sure that his wife is in good health (both physically and mentally). A routine visit to concerned Doctors can be planned.

4) A good financial plan is necessary to cover the entire period.

5) Leading discipline life is very important in this period.

Once wife conceived, husband responsibility equally increases. This full period is very crucial for both husband and wife. Few duties one husband should exercise after wife’s pregnancy are:

1) Ensure very happy moments throughout the period. Must not do anything that is going to create stress for wife.

2) Should ensure discipline life i.e. avoiding alcohol and smoking and be loyal to wife.

3) Select a good physician/ gynecologist, so that both are comfortable with.

4) Make plan for regular visit to Doctors as time progresses and follow Doctor’s instructions to take proper medicine and hospitalization timing.

5) Ensure proper balanced diet intake with less oil.

6) Last but not the least is to ensure a very happy life.


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