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Hate your life? Change it!

Updated on June 10, 2012

Why changing your path is great for your well being

At 23, I found myself alone with a small child and starting full time work for the first time in my life. I had to carry my own insurance, work 40 hours a week and make adult decisions for myself and a kid. I was on my own. Everyone was always commenting, "I don't know how you do it!" My response? "I have to. No one will do it for me."

Now that i am 27, in a stable relationship and my son is 6, I have a little wiggle room to change my path. The job that fit my need and saved me from being a single unemployed mother is no longer fitting my needs. It is stressful, draining and is causing me physical issues that at my age I should not have. I am tired, depressed and over this job. So over it.

Last week I decided that in September I will be going back to school to get licensed in a trade that will be both a useful career and a better path for my mental health and all around well being. I will most likely end up employed by a local spa or salon and I cannot wait for that time to come. It's the whole quitting my full time job to go to class and work part time wherever I can thing that is scary. VERY scary.

Here is the thing, I won't starve and neither will my son. We will both be able to survive with some planning and some really great support from my boyfriend who is encouraging and lets me be me. If you want to change ANYTHING about your life, change it. If it doesn't seem feasible, make it so. Work around things, adjust them and alter your path so that you are not living a less than life.

I have been living a less than live for about 3 years now and I cannot wait to be doing something that is both personally satisfying but pays the bills in addition to the joys it will bring me. I want my son to pursue his dreams with determination and a sense of clarity when it comes time for him to do so. How can I tell him to do so if I cannot practice what I preach?

If you think you're tied up in finances with a spouse you no longer wish to be with, find a way to move on and let that person live their life and you live yours. If you hate your job and can find another one, no matter how scary it is, do it. Just do it. Take a pay cut and reorganize your expenses and LIVE. I don't live right now. I go to my job, I go home. I go the store, I pay bills and I am too exhausted and depressed to get out on the weekends. I am bored but too sad or just numb to move. I am going to change that. So can you.

Every day is a new day. Make it great.


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