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Haters = People Who Secretly Wish They Were You

Updated on May 24, 2016

We All Have Challenges

Life is not easy, everyone goes through uncomfortable struggles. There are 2 types of people though neither can run from this discomfort, one will attack this discomfort head on and push for success and the other will try to hide from it temporarily and numb their discomfort by losing sight of reality and hiding from the truth. But not deep down, not in their heart of hearts and sooner or later the discomfort comes after you. If we choose not to accept it we will not grow from it then it takes from us. When it takes from us we then choose to play the blame game and this is where the hater lives. It's everyone else's fault i didn't achieve my goals and dreams. It's because of life's discomforts circumstances and situations, it's because of your success that I have failed at life. A hater is a person who chooses to not embrace their pain and discomfort and utilize it for self improvement. They choose to focus on slinging mud and negativity instead of self development. But why?

Some Rise To The Challenge, Others Just Cry About It

The essence of life is growth, every living thing on this planet is focused survival and growth. Human beings are the only creature that makes a conscious choice to do less. We voluntarily choose to not meet and exceed our potential. Now, this doesn't always equal instant hater. Hater's take it a step further and not only choose not to produce but then need someone else to blame, someone else to point a finger at, someone else to hate because it's to real to acknowledge your choice of choosing not to be your best and it is easier to project those emotions onto someone else because of their looks, or success, or ideas.

We all have the same opportunities, potential, the same 24 hours in the day, most people are not living their dreams of fear. They have a fear limited vision and a lack of self esteem is what keeps people from doing what they can do. This lack of drive keeps us from looking within for why we are where we are and blame life's downfall on the rain. The overwhelming negative energy taints the vision and turns everything to a bleak poisonous world view.

Those who conquer fear are made free, those who lack the courage to defeat it become a slave to it. We allow that fear to dictate actions and use negativity to be the excuse. In the time you take to make a decision you could be deciding your life, they could determine your goals your tomorrow.

Haters Are Only As Strong As You Make Them

Time and time again people will tell you that you can't do it, that you can't reach your dreams that you can't reach your goals. But you can. You can take that winning shot, you can launch that new brand, you can get that promotion, you can but you have to want it. You have to use their negativity and attention as fuel to fire your engine. No matter what stands in front of you you must fight and believe that you will be on top, you will lose at times, you will fall but that's what legendary people are made of. If you don't know what failure looks like you won't know what success is. The harder you push the further you and the more people will take notice and say "I wish I was that guy" But that 5-10 % will say you are crazy, your idea is dumb, that you are a fool. If you choose to focus on the approval of that 5-10% you will lose your drive, your focus, your nerve and you will feel what you are doing doesn't have value and you will give up on your dream. We seek social approval but is it worth your success?

You owe it to yourself to wake up in the morning look in the mirror and say "I am living my dream". Realize your greatness and don't allow yourself to be sidetracked by outside opinions.

How many haters do you have?

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Stop Listening To That And Listen To This

They will tell you that you can't do it.

So if someone is criticising you they are intimidated by you or want to be you.

Your problem is you care too much what they think.

What other people say about you is none of your business,

If you want to be successful haters are apart of the landscape. The better you are doing the more haters you have. Look at them as a way to track your success!

The ones who have never achieved anything are the ones who discourage you and say you can't do it. The ones who didn't try hard enough, the ones who gave up.

Legendary Success Scale

Haters are part of life, take them with the good and the bad. Don't allow the negativity to change your outlook in life, don't let it taint your views and focus. As I mentioned in the article " 3 circles that can change your life" haters go in the third circle, they are spectators and bystanders to your growing and wildly successful life. They are secretly your biggest fans and know more about you then some of your closest friends. Talk holds the value we give it, keeping positive, surrounding yourself with like minded individuals, and focus on your goal. As you grow into being legendary watch your hater count grow.


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