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Have A Healthy Day

Updated on February 11, 2015

If you think it is enough to eat nutritious foods and do regular exercises for staying healthy, you cannot be more wrong. The fact is whatever you do during the course of your day plays a vital role and can impact your health. The following tips may help you have a healthy day.

When You Get up, Focus Only On Positive Things

As soon as you wake up, try to bring back all the happy, fun and positive memories of your life to your mind. Re-play them in your mind and this will bring a smile on your face. There can not be a better way to begin a healthy day. Not only that, this is a powerful exercise that will help you face the challenges you may face during the day with the right mental frame.

Never Leave For The Workplace Without Having Breakfast

Your metabolism will not function efficiently if you skip your breakfast. On the contrary, if you have a balanced and nutritious breakfast, your blood sugar levels will be steady . Another problem with skipping the breakfast is you may feel extremely hungry before lunch and so, may tend to choose wrong foods.

Never Be A Desk Or 'Mouse' Potato

You may need to do a lot of desk-work or may need to work on a computer for long hours. You must refrain from being a desk or 'mouse' potato. If you follow the 20/20/20 rule, you can maintain your health. Some of the easy steps are standing while speaking on the phone, using the stairs instead of lifts or elevators and walking to co-workers for communicating instead of sending mails. In short, you must be as active as possible.

Make Your Own Tea

When you feel like having your afternoon tea, you can try making your own tea instead of depending upon the vending machine. Make it a point to opt for green tea, preferably unsweetened, so you get your dose of antioxidants.

Jot Down The Next Day's Tasks Before Retiring For Bed

If you jot down the next day's tasks before retiring for bed, chances of forgetting important ones reduce to a great extent. This will help in avoiding stress so you can have a healthy day the next day also.


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