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Have You Had Your Shake Today? The Secret To Effective Weight Loss Revealed!

Updated on May 14, 2015

Things to bear in mind...

Though this Hub is regarding Herbalife, and although there are opportunities with Herbalife, the purpose of this Hub is to inform you about the health benefits and effectiveness of the products and a little bit about the company and what other products are on offer.

I am a distributor, but there is no obligation to purchase from me, this hub is mainly for information purposes only. In fact, straight up, you can get it cheaper on Amazon and eBay than you can buying from a distributor (unless they are running their own special offers/promotions but this is unlikely).

I am not endorsing Multi-Level-Marketing, however, I am promoting the products (which can be bought from eBay for less) because I know they work for me.

PLEASE NOTE: Photo's used to show client results may not be the same as your results. The advice given here is for information only and you should never start any weight loss program without consulting your doctor first.

Hot To Use Herbalife For Weight loss.

Just a simple Google on Weight Loss will produced thousands upon millions of results for fad diets, magic wraps, natural and synthetic and just sheer crazy methods of weight loss. But today, we will be looking at Herbalife in particular.

So, why might Herbalife be great for you?

  • Easy to manage, easy to follow. Therefore virtually effortless results.
  • All natural products, no harsh chemicals or synthetics.
  • Recommended by sports professionals.
  • Global Nutritional Partners of Christiano Ronaldo.
  • Cost effective.
  • As simple as substitution just one meal for one shake with all the nutrients you need minus the calories!


The Facts About Herbalife

  • Herbalife International is an American multi-level marketing company that develops, markets and sells nutrition, weight management and skin-care products globally.
  • Was founded in the 80's by Mark Hughes who formed the company after his mother died of an accidental overdose of slimming tablets.
  • The Herbalife Diet is regarded as one of the best due to it's constant positive results!
  • We operate in over 80 countries.
  • We are completely exclusive to our customers, you won't find our products on the shelf in a supermarket.

How To Use The Herbalife Diet

This is the important bit of this article.

I'm terrible with breakfast, I can't handle solid food first thing, especially hard food like cereal so this is why I have my shake in the morning. That's it.

To make a shake, I will mix 2-3 heaped desert spoons of Herbalife Formula 1 and mix that with Almond Milk due to an intolerance to lactose (I can't have cow's milk first thing in the morning or else by lunch time, I'll be on the loo every five minutes!)

This gives me all the nutrients I need first thing in the morning, puts me on the right foot for the day and makes me feel great!

This will see me through to lunch time usually but I have been known to have a cheeky 'nana every now and again about an hour before my usual lunch time of 2pm. Bananas are brilliant! They are not only filling but also full of energy!

My lunch is usually preprepared, a pasta bake of some sort from the night before or sandwiches or even a chicken salad. Sometimes I'll splurge out on a MacDonald's but my goal is to just maintain my weight so the occasional fast food take away isn't an issue.

And at dinner time, I go crazy! I will have a full meal, with all the sides and pudding! And then after dinner, I like to go upstairs to my office/workout studio and burn those calories off by dancing to music, lifting weights, body weight exercises and skipping. During the day time, I'm known to go on long bike rides. I'm an active person by nature anyway but I got results with minimum effort for the first couple of weeks!


Do you have any weight loss goals?

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Herbalife Formula 1

We also have many other products.

  • Herbalife has a renowned SKIN care range. There is a testimonial next to this capsule to demonstrate the positive effects it has on the skin.
  • We also have instant beverages which can be used with hot water to make tea or be added to fruit juices for a little flavour kick, they're full of antioxidants and help to protect your cells from oxidation damage during exercise.
  • We also offer various other nutritional products, including Herbalife24 which is our sports range which is favoured by international athletes including those featured in this article as well as many other lesser known athletes.

If Herbalife isn't for you, then may I recommend:

More Testimonials

Emma S - I have lost almost a stone now (11lb) - which isn't a fast weight loss, but I am a rubbish dieter, my attitude to and relationship with food is terrible and I have had Christmas off where I regained about half a stone (honestly!) so really i have lost over a stone! I havn't given up on it tho because for me, a herbalife shake sorts out breakfast and lunch without having to think "I can have so much of this, so much of that, oh and a scrape of butter/cheese/mayonnaise and a few crisps can't make that much difference can it...."!!

Melissa L - Hey Iv been doing herbalife for 3 days and I feel great ! ... Iv got 2 shakes strawberry & cookie cream for my breakfast and lunch I also have a raspberry tea ( beverage ) for in the morning as I'm running around after little legs ! This give me so much energy, I then have my strawberry shake for breakfast and a bowl of fruit In-between meals! Then and tea time I have chicken and veg or steamed fish, stir frys anything that's light and healthy!! I have multivitamin tablets wich you can purchase through herbalife and I take these 3 times a day with my meals ! ... I'm even thinking about becoming a distributor!

A T - Hi. I am a herbalife wellness coach and I cannot speak highly enough of all the products including weightloss but also the sports nutrition range too.
I joined herbalife which is the number 1 wellness and nutrition company in the world after using the products myself to loose 2 stone. My health has increased significantly and for the first time in my life I am able to minimise my medication for chronic anaemia to the lowest strength.

Please Note: The above testimonials in this hub are sourced from Netmums, an online mother's forum.


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