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Have the Best Start to your New Year By Using These 3 Apps for Personal Development, Goal Setting, and Inspiration

Updated on September 17, 2016
Top 3 Apps for Personal Development, Goal Setting, and Inspiration.
Top 3 Apps for Personal Development, Goal Setting, and Inspiration. | Source

2016 is Coming - Are you ready to have an amazing year and reach your goals?

Maybe you're like me and have a lot of plans, ideas and madness flying around in your mind about how 2015 went and wanting to set some clear goals for yourself. As this year is quickly coming to an end, I can't help but wonder what I can do differently to make sure I accomplish the things I want to do in the next year in my personal life and business. What I really need to do is clear away the clutter in my mind and write down a solid plan. There's an app for that!

Let's have a look at some of my favorite apps that I've been using for personal development, goal setting and inspiration.

Allysian Education App - Personal Development

#1 - Train your Brain for Success with the Allysian Mobile App

The Allysian app is my favorite personal development program because it is beautifully designed, easy to use and full of incredible content. Here is a quick overview of what it offers:

1. Remind you to have optimal nutrition for mind and body health. It is connected to a brand new line of science-backed healthy brain and body supplements. Helping you gain the proper nutrition that is so difficult to achieve with the food available to us today.

2. Mindhack Daily training - A couple of minutes per day is all you need to train your brain for success in all areas of your life. Focus on the important points and help yourself to achieve your goals, follow your dreams and get to where you want to be in your life. It covers educational materials for all learning styles: Visual, Audio, and Written

3. Brain Training Games to improve your cognitive function. Allysian has partnered with the most popular and fun brain training games company Cognifit! Take a couple of minutes every day to train your brain and improve your intelligence.

Another thing that I love about the Allysian app is the thriving community of other like-minded individuals who are working towards living their best life too. Surround yourself with positive, driven, and inspired people and you will have an incredibly supportive network to help you.

How to Access the training in the Allysian App:

1. Become an Allysian Affiliate and team up with awesome, motivated, smart and ambitious people like yourself. Training, mentoring and everything you need to be successful is provided for you. All that's missing is you!

2. Become an Allysian customer and use your login details to access the app.


#2 Goal Setting and Breakdown of Goals into Steps with the Dooo To-Do Note App

The Dooo app allows you to create To-Do lists that can be organized into specific categories like Life, Work, Business, Household, To-Buy etc. The tasks can be entered in a few different ways to fit your mood. Snap a picture on the go, grab a picture from your phone, type in an idea or use your microphone to record a To-Do. After 24 hours your items will go into the unsolved list or you can set a reminder for it to alert you.

This is great for people who need something that can be customized to suit your unique goals and lifestyle. The design is simple and intuitive so you don't have to learn anything complicated to get started with it.

How to Use Dooo App


#3 Get inspired for greatness daily with #TruthBomb from Danielle Laporte

The Idea:

Just one sentence can change your mind, break open your heart, soothe your soul, or hit you like a #TRUTHBOMB

- Danielle Laporte

The App:

Your dose of inspiration, healing words and positivity come to you every day with the #TRUTHBOMB app from Danielle Laporte. Just the right words to give you a little boost every day. Easy to share with your friends on social media and an awesome gallery to find more truths to move you if you're having a rough day.

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