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Have you been 'muscled out' of a long hospital stay?

Updated on December 19, 2010

Hospital harrasment

Alright you have already been going through hell trying to save someone you love in the horror of the qstruggle for life, but now the people in the hospital who are there "to help you" take you to the side and set up a "family meeting" to counsel you about how it is time you "moved" on and considered a nursing home of step down facility for this loved one.Oh they are so concerned about the best for him/ her and this will be just the same as what is now considered 'inappropriate' amount of care for the longtime patient. Well guess what, these helpful professionals, particularly the social worker is full of it. They are the worse of confidence hustlers. The hospital is losing money on you guys. The insurance has covered you and already paid for, but the hospital can no longer get more money from the insurance company so the hospital is eating the money they are spending on you, so it wants you OUT. If you go to one of these nursing homes now they can get their money paid per diem, and if you are unlucky enough exhaust your insurance and go onto your savings u till all is gone. No one can force you out of the hospital unless you wish to go. These 'family meetings' where the professionals pressure you into going is a known shady practice and those of you suffering for a longtime in the hospital should watch your backs and beware. Social workers only job is to get you the hell out of there.


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    • profile image

      Helpful Hanna 7 years ago

      Our medical system is terrible. I can only imagine how many people have had this problem.