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Have you been 'muscled out' of a long hospital stay? 3

Updated on December 25, 2010

healthcare stinx

The latest: We are still here but in the ICU of Westchester Medical Center. Upon informing me that my spouse needed to be moved to the ICU, I was handed a bill of the costs incurred and soon to be incurred by his doctor. I was astounded. Remember this is the self same doctor that had been thwarted when I refused to be discharged to a nursing home a few days earlier. One of my arguments at that time was that as much fun as it sounded that for me to ride an ambulance back and forth from the nursing home to the emergency room, I was not interested. The psychiatric nurse who had been trying to convince me to leave asked me how I was doing, I said ,"I am still here!", She said, "Well that's good, that's what you wanted." I said, "No that was not what I wanted, but not being harassed by you guys all the time isn't bad". It was shades of the high school hallway.

 In conclusion; do not let them muscle you out.


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