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Have you been 'muscled out' of a long hospital stay?2

Updated on December 22, 2010

Ok, we are still in the hospital. The personnel have not harassed us out though they tried to convince me that 'it would be the best thing' for the patient. 'It would be just the same as here in the hospital to move into a nursing home'. Well, if it would be the same why would I go to the trouble of moving?

  To save you money? What I discovered is that the insurance compny agrees to pa a certain amount of money to the hospital and a prolonged stay in the hospital starts causing the hospital to eat the day to day costs. In other words if the insurance company contracted for $20 K for a procedure and a patient is unlucky enough to not be able to get up and go, that $20K starts to be spent and there is less and less profit for the the hospital. So a practice , I have learned, is for the hospital to harass people's family to get out. Now it is illegal to throw anyone out, so people must consent. Once out and put into a different facility like a nursing home there is a day-to day billing that allows that facility to turn a profit. G-d forbid the inusurance is exhausted on that home, because they will start on your savings.

  So the lesson is not to agree to leave despite this harassing practice. I think additionally that it is time there was an expose' on this inhumane heartless practice of hospital personnel.


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    • profile image

      dave 6 years ago

      they only care about money. health comes a distant 2nd.