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Have You Been Nailed to the Cross?

Updated on July 22, 2014

Yes, nailed to the Cross. Suffered from disappointment, pain, despair sadness, sorrow, bereavement, disease, loss, sickness, fear of something, worry, desperation, heartbreak, abuse, depression, bulling and aging to the point that it consumes your life.

If so, then you are nailed to the Cross, you have lost your life spark. Without it you have no courage, no ambition, no motivation, you are lost in your suffering and have turned away from life. This is a lonely, dark, desperate and very dangerous place to be.

“Why is this happening to me?” You may ask. “What did I do to deserve this?” I can tell you right now, it’s not your fault. Life happens for the good or the bad. But how we react to our misfortunes determine the quality of our lives. I’m writing this article to share with you how I got my life spark back and to tell you how easy it really is.

I recently went with my son to visit a church on a Saturday night, the day before Easter, that was featuring the reenactment of the last days of Christ. I watched without any particular feeling until they starting nailing the nails in the cross. The sound was very loud a horrible shrill pounding sound that went through my body. Every time I heard the hammer hit the nail I felt my pain--the sorrow, the desperation, the disappointment, the sadness. Normally at this time I would be feeling sorry for Christ and the pain he suffered, but not this time. I thought to myself, "This is selfish; all I can think about is my pain not what Jesus suffered." Then it dawned on me that Jesus is feeling my pain and suffering not his own. I could feel it and knew it without a doubt. I am not alone in this, he is right beside me. and at that moment I felt the spark of life enter my body, Hope!!

The word hope means to expect, trust, anticipate, look forward to, wish, optimism, believe in, chance, prospect, likelihood, possibility, desire, dream, to plan and faith. A lot of meaning in one little word. A reason to wait it out, seek help, to not be afraid, to make a plan. In the bible the word hope is listed many times. It speaks of something hoped for is something unseen.

I had not realized that I had given up on myself. The suffering smothered and consumed me without my even realizing it. When all you think about day after day is your pain and suffering you don't leave any room for anything else.

How do you bring hope into your life? By saying, “I believe Jesus is the son of God, who died for me on the Cross so that my sins may be forgiven and I ask to be forgiven of all my sins right now. Amen.

Why believe? Why not? What do you have to lose? Faith is not tangible,it is not seen, it is a feeling brought on by belief. A feeling of not being alone, someone to talk to, to share your problems and inner most thoughts. A higher being to praise and to look forward to meeting in the after life. With hope you do not fear the end we will all have to face one day. There will not be a reason to fear it when you know you will pass from one world to another to be with your creator who loves you more than anyone on earth could possible love you.

This is the beginning of Hope in your life. Hoping that Jesus is real and that you can receive eternal life. Hoping you are not alone and that Jesus walks with you. Hope is also faith and faith is hope. When you start hoping again, your life has purpose. It will give you courage to go forward, to make plans, to seek help, to want to be better, to love yourself, love your body despite the suffering it goes through. Your mind and your body are a gift to be cherished. Hope can make your suffering bearable and I am sure you have heard this saying before, “nothing hoped for is nothing gained.” It is so true!

Hope gave me the courage to come up with a plan and follow it through to a success. That was my first step and I have many more to go, now that I have hope in my life. Hope gives you courage and courage can introduce you to a new way of life.

Don’t Ever Give Up! Keep the spark of life going within you, keep Hoping!


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