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Having an Attitude of Gratitude Greatly Improves Your Life

Updated on April 10, 2014

Having an attitude of gratitude is all about how you look at things that are happening in your life. Being grateful greatly improves every aspect of your life.

What we focus on expands. Most of us tend to focus on what’s missing and what’s wrong because we want to find what’s missing and we want to fix what’s wrong. But, instead of focusing on all the things that need changing in your life, think about what’s going right.

Something much more powerful for us to focus on are:

  • what’s right and

  • what’s here.

Right now, in your life, what can you be grateful for? What can you appreciate?

I remember my own experience when I came home from the hospital after giving birth to my daughter, Maria. It took 3 operations, 4 liters of blood in 14 transfusions and numerous cocktails of medicine to stop the unexpected bleeding when the placenta ruptured. Even though this was the largest hospital in northern Europe, they had to bring in international assistance to figure out how to solve my predicament. I was in a very critical situation and almost died.

Coming home I sat down in my favorite armchair and looked at my so-called green curtain in the living room - a climbing plant in the window. It had been my pride ever since I was in college, a green giant golden vine that filled the entire large panoramic window.

I realized that my husband had not paid attention to it and my former pride was now hanging with bare stalks as a poor reminder of its previous greatness, surrounded by heaps of brown dead leaves. I first got angry and then I started to cry as I realized it would take years to restore it.

I remained a while in this state before I managed to change focus, lift my eyes and put my gaze beyond the brown dead leaves and, instead, see the green trees and the blue sky outside the window.

Right then and there, I could sense a deep gratitude of being alive, of having beautiful baby Maria with me. I could once again feel her in my arms, take in her fragrance and I was recalling how my husband had taken great care of her while I was in intensive care.

Now the former living room curtain plant was of minor importance. I was filled with gratitude of being alive.

Focus on appreciation and gratitude everyday and you will find that you are attracting much more of the good into your life. If you are grateful for what you have, then you will attract and attain more of what makes you happy.

I have read Wallace Wattles' book on gratitude and there is a particular sentence in there that stays with me. I'd like to share it with you.

He says gratitude does bring you more good, but that is not the only reason to practice gratitude. Gratitude is a preventative, because without gratitude it won't be long before your thoughts will flip into the - what's wrong, what's missing - and then you will attract these - more of what's wrong and what's missing.

So you see, gratitude not only invokes the law of increase of your greater good, but it's a preventative of the downdraft of moving into the ideas and feelings of what's wrong and eventually creating more of that.

When you praise, you raise!


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