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Having car and television is bad for the heart

Updated on July 28, 2016

Regular physical exercise during leisure time or at work up to 14% reduces the risk of heart attack, concludes a study published in the journal

European Heart Journal. The authors conclude also that people who own a car and a television are more prone to cardiovascular disease.

The data used in research come from nearly 25,000 individuals from 52 countries on five continents. He

sedentary lifestyle, as is clear from the study, increases the risk of heart attack hypertension, diabetes, low consumption of fruits and vegetables, or snuff, among other risk factors.

The analyzes also reveal that people who have a car and TV have higher systolic blood pressure (maximum value of the voltage anterial). "If we want a

healthy longevity for the future we need to curb the pandemic sedentary lifestyle, "he said in an editorial in the European Heart Journal researcher Emeline Van Caenenbroeck, University Hospital Antwerp (Belgium). According to investigators, stay physically fit throughout the life is one of the easier, cheaper and more effective to avoid visiting the cardiologist forms.


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