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Hay Fever Cures: Natural Remedies for Hay Fever in Adults

Updated on June 11, 2011

Hay Fever Symptoms

Did you know that there are a number of different pollens you can be allergic to? and that different pollens are around in Spring, Summer and the beginning of Autumn?

The most common pollen to have an allergy of is grass pollens, but there are also tree pollens and weed pollens. Taking note of when you start to get symptoms of hay fever can help you to identify what sort of pollen you may be allergic to.

  • Spring - Tree pollens are around in March and April, but other pollens are not around so much yet. If you mostly get symptoms during this time of year, it is likely you are allergic to tree pollens.
  • Summer - This is when a lot of grass and flower pollens are about, and is the most common time to get hay fever symptoms. Grass pollens are around from May. It is likely you are allergic to grass and flower pollens if you have hay fever symptoms at this time.
  • Autumn - Weed pollens and mould spores are released in late Summer/early Autumn, and other types of pollen have generally died down. If you have symptoms at this time, it's likely you are allergic to weed pollens.

It is possible to be allergic to more than one of these types of pollen.

Trees also release pollen in springtime
Trees also release pollen in springtime

Natural Hay Fever Cures

Now it's Springtime and Summer is on the way, it's time to get out the nettle tea again. What for? Well, nettle tea is one of the most effective natural remedies for hay fever. Drinking nettle tea three times a day can help prevent/reduce the symptoms of hay fever in the springtime and summer.

Local honey can also be a good natural remedy and you can use it to sweeten the nettle tea.

Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is a good natural remedy for hay fever because it contains natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory substances that can open nasal and bronchial passages and also strengthens cell walls so that the release of histamine into the blood is reduced.

Nettle tea is also rich in vitamins including calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. It contains vitamin C, which also helps to relieve the symptoms of hay fever, and strengthen the immune system.

How to Make Nettle Tea

You can easily have your own supply of nettles for nettle tea if you let a few grow in the corner of your garden. When picking nettles, remember to wear gloves so you don't get stung. Pick young nettles, as the older ones will be more bitter, and use the top few leaves for the best tea (like PG tips).

• Pour 2/3 cup of boiling water over 3-4 teaspoons of dried leaves, and allow to brew for 3-5 minutes, then strain. Make sure it is well brewed before drinking. You can sweeten it with sugar, or a little honey.

  • Alternatively, you can buy nettle tea already prepared, and in tea bags (like normal tea) from health food shops or herbalists.


Local Honey

A little local honey, taken in Spring, can help fortify the body for the pollen season. The honey will act as an immune system booster to reduce your allergy symptoms to pollen, since that is what honey is made from.


Most natural hay fever tablets contain this as the main active ingredient, as it is a natural antihistamine. It helps by blocking histamine release into the blood.

Quercetin can be taken as a tablet or found in a range of foods. It is found in red grapes, citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons, apples, tea and onions. It is also usually found in leafy green vegetables, and berries. It may also be found in honey.

These sorts of foods can also be rich in vitamin C.

Some other things to help prevent hay fever

Some other things you can do during the hay fever season are:

  • Wash your hair and change your clothes after being in the garden, since these can collect pollen on them, and you can bring it indoors this way after being outside.
  • Don't have fresh real flowers in the house.
  • Try not to have the windows open more than necessary, especially in the evening, as this lets pollen in.
  • Try and do anything that needs doing outside/in the garden before the evening. The pollen will have built up during the day.
  • Get someone else to mow the lawn.


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