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Head Gunshot Wounds To The Brain

Updated on May 29, 2017

Scan Of Brain Injury

A head gunshot wound is the leading cause of traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, in many urban areas where the incidence of such gun violence is prevalent. While it is very likely that a self-inflicted gunshot wound will lead to death, there are many instances today where people have survived after being shot by someone else. This is due in part to the great medical innovations that continue to increase lifespans in so many ways. The extent of the damage is going to be the deciding factor as to whether the person will be able to recover, and if that recovered state will include permanent damage.

The perforating type of head gunshot wound means that the victim has both entrance and exit wounds. On the other hand, a penetrating wound is one where the bullet is still lodged somewhere in the skull cavity. The caliber of the gun, as well as the size and speed of the bullet, are key determining factors in the outcome. However, the trajectory and site of the injury are some the most important considerations. There are certain paths that a projectile can take through the human brain without resulting in too much clinical damage. Since the brain is divided into hemispheres, each with four lobes, a trajectory that goes through something like the frontal lobe tip and out through the forehead is often not as serious as cases where the brain stem or deeper areas of the tissue are damaged.

It is vital that the victim receives professional medical attention as soon as possible because there can be many complications. Bleeding inside the cranial cavity can cause intense swelling that will stop functions if not relieved quickly. In other cases, blood may be exiting the head and this loss of blood can eventually be the cause of death. In these cases, it is important to position the victim so that the blood is not choking them, and then direct pressure should be applied to the wound site in order to help control the loss of blood as much as possible.

With quick attention, there is now about a 42% chance of survival in most shots to the head due to modern technology. This statistic was according to a study which also interestingly found that women had a 76% better chance than men at survival when encountering such trauma. The modern world is a very dangerous place, and every day there is more news about such violence that it can be discouraging at best. Handle firearms safely and stay away from situations where this type of violence is likely to occur. Much of these head wounds are drug-related, fear nothing and good luck.


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