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Head Hurts? Here Are The Greatest Headache Cures Ever Known!

Updated on December 30, 2010

Head Hurts? Here Are The Greatest Headache Cures Ever Known!

You may have the worst headache in the world. I mean, it is not just one that you can walk off in a couple of minutes. It is one of those headaches where you rather chew on some glass. This is not a state you want to be in at the moment. If only there was a cure to your problem. Know that it can all be over if you take a few simple steps that can save your head from falling off. I have managed to collect several headache cures over the course of my life (many things in life can give a person a headache). Here are the greatest headache cures ever known.

The Greatest Headache Cures:

  • You can try meditating for an hour -- Go into a room and shut the door. Turn off the lights and find a spot where you can sit comfortably for a while. Cross your legs, close your eyes and rest your palms on your lap. Now think a single word or phrase, like "I am relaxed," and repeat it in your mind constantly. Breathe in and out slowly. Do this for 30 to 60 minutes. You should notice that your headache is gone.
  • Message your temples -- If you wear glasses or have any type of hair clip in the way of your temples, remove them. Take your index finger and middle finger of each hand and press them firmly on your temples. Make sure you are rotate your fingers on your temple in a circular motion. Do this for about 10 minutes stop then repeat until your headache is gone.
  • Take some pain medication -- This one is the easy way out. You can pop over to your local drugstore and buy some pain pills. Take one or two...or whatever is recommended on the bottle and wait for the headache to disappear. If it doesn't work, you have failed you probably haven't taken a high enough dose. Try again...
  • Get rid of anything that is covering or putting pressure on your head -- If you are wearing a hat, bandana, hair tie or hood, remove it. This should let your head rest for a bit. The headache should disappear in several minutes.
  • Take a warm bath -- Fill up you bathtub with warm/hot water. If you are feeling extra risky you can add some Epsom salt and bubbles to the water. Light a few candles and turn out the lights. Slowly get into the water and rest your head back onto a pillow. Close your eyes and soak for an hour. If your hands aren't prune looking, you haven't been in the water long enough...oh...and the same applies if your headache hasn't left your brain.
  • Pull your hair back -- Take all your hair into one hand. With the other hand that is free, grab your forehead. Pull all your hair away from your forehead. Do not pull to the point of remove your hair. Pull to the point that there is significant tension of each strand of hair. After 2 minutes of pulling then 2 minutes of stopping and repeat, you will see your headache disappear.
  • Go to bed for a couple of hours -- You may be focused on your headache. You may be so focused on your headache that you are actually tricking your brain to think it is more painful than it actually is. This is why you should take a break from thinking and go to sleep for a while. After you rest, your brain will be recharged and you will notice that your headache will be no more.
  • Listen to some relaxing music -- Put on some elevator, jazz, r&b music onto your stereo. Sit back and get lost in the sound...
  • Turn out the lights -- This should have been one of the first items on this list...sorry. Lights over stimulate the brain. Once they are out, you can give your brain a break. The headache should go once you have been out of the light for 30 minutes.
  • Try using some incense -- Try transferring your focus onto a different area of your head. I am thinking about your nose region. Burn some incense in the space you are occupying. With you brain focusing on the smell, you will forget about the headache. Try it!
  • Drink some ice water -- Go into the kitchen and grab a cup. Fill it with ice and water. Drink the contents as quickly as you can. This can give you brain freeze. However, after it is that headache is gone it should take the other one away too.

These were the greatest headache cures ever me. They should eliminate all the pain that is terrorizing your brain. If all fail--which they shouldn't, know that headaches don't last forever. Stay strong and you will get through the pain. Good luck with your headache.


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