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Head-Shielding Useful in Electronic Harassment

Updated on April 26, 2011

Head Shielding: It Really Helps w/E-Harassment

I'm sitting here in this head-wrap I made out of a Silver-Tex Suit. I can feel the mental pressure of this invisible force on each type of thought-pattern........but it feels a bit better. They've got it CRANKED UP to the highest level, but I feel that my mind is freer.   I'm going to sleep with this material wrapped around my head while listening to music and will begin the next paragraph tomorrow morning. 

     Well, it DID make a difference.  I think that they engrain stops on our various individual mental habits with subliminal-messaging.  The memory is somehow BLOCKED, not erased.........this morning I certainly feel mentally freer.  When we sleep, we are at our most psychologically-vulnerable.  This is how America has been turned from a free country into some fake, freaky mechanical society.  Now people with blank stares and weirdly-connected behavior are just a normal part of the scenery.  We never expected someone to try and rob us of our most precious commodity:  our minds! 

     The good news is that taking back what you had in there depends on the effectiveness and ever-changing jamming of this binaural auditory signal we are being force-fed.  Just shielding your head while sleeping and listening to music helps you see through the "learned" fake-reality and back into the normal world we knew and Loved.  Just because 95% of the population buys into this new reality does not make it real. 

     You've probably read about my accidental experience with a short-term amnestic which also promotes dissociation.  Prevention/disruption of short-term memory functioning and blurring of prior traumatic experiences may seriously be an alternative to being trained like a dog.  I need to do more research in this area before I advocate memory-erasure with amnesia-inducing medication as a deprogramming tool.  Certain mental diseases work backwards.  The newest memories are lost while the older memories are preserved.  It's too bad there isn't something that mimics this phenomenon.  I think that there are amnesia-causing medications that are used to treat post-traumatic-stress-disorder.  They don't erase everything, they just make the emotional memory less able to recall the traumatizing event.  This could prove invaluable to BREAKING the stimulus-response training people are being forced to go through. 

       It's a strange world when society "teaches" you to become weak, depressed and open to re-education.  Their "language" is one of fear and control.  If we block them, they call us "lazy" or "cheaters".  Since when did these goons have the right to enter our minds and render us as docile as cattle?  They never did.  Virtually EVERYTHING they say is designed to steal your consciousness.  Being very cynical (if not amused by the stupidity of what we are being told to do) is very helpful.  Doubt preserves reality.  We aren't "learning" anything but to be plastic, soulless , submissive shells who do exactly what they are supposed to do.  Frankly, I hate mind-control on principle.  It is WRONG to FORCE-FEED a way of thinking upon someone, especially the people who are supposed to be running things - the average person. 



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