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Head to Toe Exercises

Updated on October 11, 2013

Full Body Workout

When most people think of exercising the whole body, they think of upper and lower and neglect certain muscles altogether. I wanted to put together a quick routine that anyone could do. Our bodies were made to move and exercise is vital to our health, so I invite you to take a few minutes to perform the exercises listed. If you can't do them all right now, pick a few out that you like best.

Face exercises

As we all know when people get older, their face starts to sag and look droopy. These are probably the most neglected muscles, because not many people realize that a face lift can be done at home for free. Some argue that facial exercises should be avoided because they do the opposite. I'd say Jack Lalanne knew what he was talking about when he taught the exercises in this video. He even taught how to exercise the muscles of the eyes.


Neck Exercises

In addition to the exercise in the picture to the right, which really help to loosen up neck tension and avoid many future aches and pains, there's my favorite neck exercise which involves tensing up the neck.

To perform this, start by opening your mouth wide. Tense up your neck and try to make your bottom lip meet your top lip without moving your top lip.

It's important to start out easy when doing neck exercises as well as facial exercises. Most people don't exercise these muscles, so starting out easy is best for helping the body adjust.



There are many shoulder exercises out there. Shoulder shrugs really help in toning the deltoid muscles. For more functional strength, one can perform shoulder presses, front, side, and rear deltoid raises. Building up the shoulder muscles is very important in preventing injuries such as separated shoulders.

The Back

My favorite back exercise is the deadlift, because it works the upper and lower back when performed correctly. Doing this exercise can help prevent the lower back pain and is excellent for improving posture. This exercise can be performed using a barbell or dumbbells and if you really want to get creative, something like a sandbag may do the trick.


The most popular chest exercises are push-ups and with so many variations, they can be performed at any skill level. For anyone who struggles to do push-ups, an incline such as a sofa may be a helpful aid. Close grip push-ups are good for incorporating the triceps and wide grip push ups are great for broadening the chest.



The abs seem to be the muscles everyone wants to tone up the most and these rotating crunches are an excellent way to do so. Sprinting is a good exercise to implement for anyone wanting to burn off some excess belly fat and help reveal the ab muscles a little more.


I would like to say that squats are my favorite lower body exercise, but I'd be lying if I said I never dreaded doing them. Squats are a great exercise for the quads and the glutes. They really help to tone the legs and increase lower body strength. I think it can be argued that squats are the best exercise for the lower body.


Many people have weak hamstrings and wonder how they can be exercised. The neat thing about the exercise shown in the video to the right is that it can be done easily and is very effective. I use furniture sliders to perform this exercise on carpet, but a towel is good for wood floors. For some added resistance, you can lift your butt and lower back off the ground.


Lower Legs

For the lower legs, calf raises can be performed seated or standing. The toes can be pointed inwards or outwards to target different angles of the calf muscles.

Toe raises help to strengthen the tibialis anterior (shin muscles). Anyone who's ever had shin splints knows all too well how agonizing and frustrating they can be. Toe raises can help prevent injury and the amazing thing is the fact they can be performed while sitting in an office chair.



For arms, I'll list 3 exercises that I like.

Chin-ups: chin-ups are a really good exercise to target the bicep muscles and it really helps if you squeeze the biceps at the top of each repetition. Of course bicep curls are still supreme for building the biceps.

Dips: dips are an excellent exercise for the triceps and can be performed with varying intensity.

Hand grips: Hand grip exercises really target the forearm muscles and help to improve grip strength. Hand grips can be substituted with a squeeze ball, balled up clothing, etc.

Of course these are just a few of many exercises that can be done throughout the week.

Exercising the body today helps you to stand against the storms of tomorrow!

Did you do the exercises listed?

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