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Healthy Foods and Supplements that Support the Immune System

Updated on February 8, 2014

Written by Angela LaMor RMA NCPT and Frances Bleuet CL.N owner of Nutrition for Weight Loss

When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. I had to rely on my thirty years experience in nutritional research to put together a diet to reverse this disease and prevent its recurrence. Now, nine years later, she has gone on to become a healthy and happy medical assistant and phlebotomist and the co-author of my book "EveryBODY Can Heal"


Everyone is looking for the magic herb that cures cancer. We have already found it. That's what chemo is. Most chemo is extracts from a plant, and most of it works well in killing cancer cells. The problem is that it's temporary unless the conditions in the body that allowed the illness to occur in the first place are corrected.

Some medical treatments, especially those used for treating cancer, can cause cancer. They used to induce cancer in laboratory animals by subjecting them to surgery, drugs, x-rays, and starvation to see if nutrients could protect them. These experiments were done to show that a particular nutrient prevents cancer. and the lack of that nutrient allows cells to become malignant (cancerous). If you are cured by conventional treatments and your diet is not improved you can expect to eventually become ill again.

There is a moment where disease begins, usually under a great deal of stress, and when nutrition is not sufficient to protect you. If you nutrition is adequate when you are exposed to stress there is little or no harm done to your body. Stress can be psychological or physical. Illness is a stress. So is prolonged exposure to cold or extremes in temperature, overwork, malnutrition, worry, loud noise. toxins and even exercising to extremes or exercsing when the diet is not adequate.

Just as there is a moment where disease begins, there is also a moment where healing begins again. It is important to change your diet as soon as illness is suspected and continue indefinitely. Proper nutrition can improve health in several ways. It can accelerate healing, prevent relapses and complications, and protect you from side effects and damage from medications and other treatments.

The body has amazing healing powers. There are many documented cases of spontaneous healing in all types of diseases. The healing in these cases has been attributed to many things, including prayer, meditation, nutrition, hard work, rest and even laughter. All of these things can heal you. Our bodies are constantly healing and repairing. That's how they were designed.

Our immune system's entire function is to protect, heal, and maintain us. To get your health back you need to get rid of toxins, germs, allergens and other stresses that are overburdening your immune system and give your body every required nutrient. Some foods are better for this than others. Some foods are easier to digest than others. Some have more nutrients than others. Some have a better combination of nutrients than other and some foods have special properties that promote healing and boost the immune system. The following is a list of these super foods.

Super Foods

Super foods fall into one of two categories, they either contain a special healing property or they have a concentration of nutrients. When trying to heal, you should comsume as many of thses foods as possible, in their most natural form-whole, raw (some foods can be harmful to the body when eaten raw), and organic. Do not add any of these foods to your diet if you think you may be allergic to them. Speak to your doctor before making any dietary changes if you are on medication or have a medical condition.

Super Foods and Super Supplements

LIVER-contains a concentration of nutrients, coenzyme Q 10, and one of the healing factors (more on healing factors below)

EGGS-contains a highly digestible form of protein, sulfur based amino acids for tissue repair, and lecithin which keeps cholesterol from hardeining in the arteries

YOGURT-contains beneficial bacteris needed for proper digestion, reduction of yeast, and protection from disease causing germs such as staph and strep

WHEAT GERM-contains protein, the B complex vitamins, vitamin E, minerals and a healing factor

GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES-contains a concentration of nutrients, one of the healing factors and cancer fighting properties

BREWERS YEAST-contains a concentration of nutrients, and one of the healing factors

LECITHIN-prevents atherosclerosis by breaking down cholesterol and other fats

DESSICATED LIVER-containes all the healthful properties of liver in pill form

KELP-contains a concentration of nutrients, and properties that remove lead, radioactive material and toxic metals from the body

BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES-contains a concentration of nutrients

GARLIC-contains anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties

ACIDOPHILUS-beneficial bacteria found in yogurt (see yogurt above)

ALFALFA-contains a concentration of nutrients, and properties that remove cholesterol deposits and cleanse the liver

Healing factors

Several foods contain "healing" factors. These factors are called the "anti stress factors". This title may be misleading, since it sounds like you should take them if you are nervous. Stress is anything that taxes the body. The "anti stress factors" were so named because they produce endurance. They help you withstand whatever you encounter. The "anti stress factors" are yet unidentified vitamin like substances that have a protective action against most types of stress, including damage from medication. Studies on these factors have shown that consuming these " anti stress factors" can kick start the healing process of the body.

Foods and Supplements with the "Anti Stress 'Healing' Factors"


Liver is a complete protein food. In addition to containing the "anti stress 'healing' factor", it contains vitamin A, all of the B complex vitamins, vitamins D, E, K, and the minerals iron, copper, zinc, chromium and coenzyme Q10 (an antioxidant with many beneficial anti aging effects). Although the liver is a detoxifying organ, it does not store toxins.


Desiccated liver is a food supplement, as opposed to an isolated nutrient. It is the dehydrated form of liver. A pound of liver is dehydrated down to 1/4 pound of desiccated liver. It is cooked at low temperatures (140 degrees) and contains all of the same benefits as eating cooked liver. It is a good source of vitamins A, C, D, the B complex and the minerals calcium, copper, iron, and phosphorus.


Brewer's yeast is another amazing food. Brewer's yeast also contains the "anti stress factor". Fermented brewer's yeast turns barley and hops into beer, and feeding brewer's yeast to dogs and cats helps to repel fleas. Brewer's yeast heals you, repels fleas and makes beer. Amazing!

It contains protein, vitamins B1, B2, B3, folic acid (B9), biotin (B vitamin), pantothenic acid (B5), the minerals calcium, chromium, iron,potassium, selenium and the "anti stress factor", but it is not a good source of vitamin B12.


Wheat germ is the part of the grain left over after whole wheat is refined in order to make white bread or white flour. It contains all of the nutrients removed from the whole grain. It can be bought at a regular grocery store, and is usually found in the cereal aisle. Raw wheat germ can be found at most health food and vitamin stores.

Wheat germ is a good source of the B complex vitamins, protein, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and the "anti stress factor"


Green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamins A, C, E, K, folic acid, the minerals iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, silicon, cancer fighting properties and a protective " anti stress factor"


There has to be a balance between holistic and conventional treatments and you need a sufficient understanding of both. Work with your doctors, research the subject, and put your body back in the healing mode with sound nutrition, and healthy lifestyle changes in order to regain your health so that cancer (or other illness) does not return.

One of the worst things you can do is to try to heal yourself by reading a few pages of a health book. You need to know what you are doing of be under the guidance of someone who does. Likewise, I would not recommend a doctor who doesn't believe that nutrtion is a necessary part of the healing process of the body. I don't believe that conventional medicine alone would have saved my daughter's life.

This article is a collection of excerpts from the book "Every BODY Can Heal" by Frances Bleuet and Angela LaMor RMA, NCPT (5 star rating).

To purchase-see below

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    • pinkboxer profile image

      pinkboxer 7 years ago from Louisiana

      Excellent hub! Yes, everybody can heal.Thank you for your wise comment on the balance one must have with conventional and holistic healing. Pinkboxer salutes you on writing the book. I am encouraged to write my own!