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Healing Experiences

Updated on August 28, 2012


Healing Experiences

Many times individuals, who talk about the gift of healing, usually sight experience of some unusual unexplained phenomena that led them to recognize this gift. Most times the experiences may be emotional or traumatic; they are like a call to action experiences. It is as if God is saying I give you this gift why are you not using it? Having had my own phenomenal experience I too recognize that I may be one of those individuals with powerful healing energy in the hands. I will list a few of them here and you can make your own judgment.

Because of my experience, as teacherI always keep some cotton and a bottle of peroxide in my desk drawer at school, what better place to see if this gift is real. If a student comes with a wound I would put some on it and tell them to return the next day, most time they never do. When I see them and ask why they did not return they would inform me that the wound was healed.

Experience one

One day it was the day before graduation one of the students from the graduating class got a nasty cut in his face. The cut need stitching and the clinic was closed. I cleaned the cut with peroxide, cut a band aid in strips held both sides of the wound together as close as I could and sealed it with the strips of band aid. I called his mother and instructed her to take the boy to the hospital the same evening because the wound needed stitching. The next evening at graduation I saw him without any bandage on his face I asked him if he went to the hospital he said no. Two teachers stood before him examining his face they trying to see the wound but all that could be seen was a very faint line it was seen because they knew he got the cut the evening before. Two teachers stood their examining his face they trying to see the wound but all that could be see was a very faint line if you were looking for it.

Healing Experience Two

One day Michael wore only one foot of shoes , the other foot was hardly touching the ground because the soles at his feet near to the heal had a extreme bad and infected wound. I called and enquired about it and why he had not been to the doctor. I put some peroxide on the wound and told him to go to the clinic nearby. Two days later he was wearing his shoes I asked if he went to the clinic. He said no. I got angry because the foot would get worse in shoes. He turned to ma and said the foot started feeling is better the same day you put the thing on it so I didn't bother going to the clinic. And see it her teacher it is healed. He started looking all over his body searching for any abrasion and kept saying see one here teacher and another one here. I said go away from me boy those do not need any dressing.

Experience Three

In Jamaica sometime we give a little slap to our students at times to improve their miss behavior if we think the behavior warrant a slap. This particular boy was displaying too much blatant rudeness and disrespect that I gave him a slap on his leg. It was a very light slap but cried out and he held his foot in such a way that one would believed I gave him a very hard hit. I said to him, come here boy, pull up your pants let me see what you are fussing about. He had one big wound covering about 2x3ins of his leg ,very infected in one spot and two other 1 ins ones all on the same leg. I was so shock I asked, where is your mother? He said."She gone away teacher". Who do you live with I asked? "My father he said". "Tell him to take you to the doctor right away". I put some peroxide on the wounds and sent a note to his father". I said to him,"If you are not taken to the doctor come back to me on Monday, but tell him I said he needs to take you right away". It was Friday, he came back on Monday, and he was not taken to the doctor. The two small wounds were healed, the large one, about 1 ½ inches left to be healed. I dressed it, told him to come back, he did not. I saw him afterwards and asked why he did not return, he said "because it is better teacher"

Healing Experience Four

Jamaica has some shop we call grocery shop where the customer is separated from the sell by a counter. My friend owns one. I stopped to purchase some stuff and to have a chat with her. While standing there a sale man who sold bake products came in with his face in a grimace. Anyone could see he was in agony. "He said sell me some headache tablets I am having a headache from morning, as a matter of a fact I woke with it." The time was then 6:00 pm. I was coming from work, I listened to him for a while, but I could not bear listening to him. I turned to him and said. Can I touch you Sir? He said "yes" I started massaging his neck shoulders and temple. I told him to drink a glass of water after. By the time I was through he said. "Look here the headache is gone". He turned to me and asked "Lady what did you do". I said "just what you feel I was doing to you". "He said no sir you did something ". My friend realizing what was happening since has had a similar experience, turned to him and said" She does massage. He said .Lady where is your massage parlor? "I must come there. I have never experience anything like this from me was born".

Healing Experience Five

There was this particular woman who had very large bump on the back of her hand and she said she had it for sometimes and doctors suggested that she do surgery. She asked me to anoint it for her and I did once. I was away for two weeks when I returned she came to me and showed me her hand and you have healed my hand. The interesting thing was I only used some hair oil for we both hand nothing at the time to anoint it

Experience six.

I was coming from church one afternoon and noticed that the owner of a corner shop I always visit was not there .I was told she was by her house because she could not walk. I went there and she was sitting in her chair her foot was swollen and she was in so much pain she could not stand. She said she went to the doctor but it was getting worst. I asked her what type of oil she had that I could massage it; well she had only cooking oil. I used it and massage her foot and left. About half hour later her Husband call me from Canada and said what is that he had heard that I had done. I asked him what he was talking about, he said his wife just called to tell him what I had done to her foot and she was in the shop working as usual her foot was well again.


Healing experience seven.

I had not seen one of my husband clients for about eight years. However this particular day he got a call from her to give an estimate so I went along with him. I asked how she was keeping she said all right except for a pain in her wrist which is impeding her work. I asked permission if I could massage it which she gave. She had some olive oil and I used to massage the hand. When I was done she said something is happening here. I had to go into town so I left my husband there, he would wait until I got back. When I returned her husband said to me so you are an Obeah women. I asked why he said that. He said his wife has this pain in her hand a few years but now she said it was gone. Fearing that it may be her mind I said nothing. I saw her three months after, I asked about the hand she said from that day I massage it she has not felt the pain again.


Having read all of these experiences what is your take on them. I have never promised to heal anyone I only offer to massage pains or to dress the wounds. Could this be classified as a gift healing? Could one with such experiences be classified as an individual with healing hands?

I am still not quite certain so I do my little deeds of kindness quietly with love

 Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray





Healing with Jaaica poetry
Healing with Jaaica poetry


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    • VioletSun profile image


      10 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      This is wonderful, to see healing really take place. And as Ripplemaker says, you do have healing hands.

    • Candace Morgan profile image

      Candace Morgan 

      10 years ago from New York

      Great Hub. I truely believe. I myself have been told the same thing and have accomplished some amazing things.

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 

      10 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi Juliet, I love reading your healing experiences. And yes, you have healing hands. :)


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