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Spiritual Healing, The Basics

Updated on May 7, 2012
Lee Empathically Healing Gary
Lee Empathically Healing Gary

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What is Healing?

Healing comes in many guises and is one of the powers that many people throughout religious and spiritual history have had. For example, Jesus was able to heal people with a single touch, even if he didn’t know they were sick, just being in his presence was said to makeyou better. Angels famously have the powers of healing, as do some faerie folk, and the healing powers in a unicorn’s horn are legendary. Now, I can’t claim to be able to make the lame walk, or heal leprosy, but I do believe that the energies that flow through the universe can be channeled towards a purpose and in many healing practices that is the foundation of their belief.

Many different types of healing exist, in the form of angel healing, empathic healing, Reiki, energy healing, cleansings, chakra balancing, herbal medicines, spiritual healing and evangelical faith healing.

Healing is practiced by most people every day in their lives, to make themselves get out of bed in the morning people may visualize themselves being awake and raring to go, if you feel ill the things you do to make yourself feel better are all part of the instinctual process of healing, hugging your stomach makes you feel better, etc. and lets not forget doctors, they have spent years training and learning the healing arts and their skill and knowledge of the human body and the processes of medicine are just as important as being able to channel the energies of the universe through your hands. The energy they put into their work, the will to keep people alive and make them better, although channeled in a different way, could very well be from the same place that spiritual healers bring their energy.

Spiritual healing often receives a bad press from a wide range of people, facilitated by people who pretend and con people, and by people who think that when someone goes to see a spiritual healer that they will be instantly cured of their ailment without any work from themselves, or that they can come off any medication that they are on etc. In my view, energy for healing should be used to supplementany medication or medical advice that has been given by professionals. Under no circumstances should someone suffering with an illness be told to stop taking their medication or that any medical treatment is to be replaced with healing. Doctors know what they are talking about and if they have prescribed something then it is more likely to be what will make you better. Take medical prescriptions with healing rather than just relying on healing. Medicine has been growing and been around for thousands of years, the same as magic and healing and is therefore no less important, useful or good for you than healing, it is an additional help to someone who is suffering or ill.

Whether or not a person is on medication, healing is a powerful tool; it can also be used to help bring balance to a person’s life, emotionally, physically and spiritually. People who study Reiki will find this as a belief that has been passed down through their Reiki lineage, that the healing powers of the universe will balance out a person, emotionally and physically. This is why some practitioners will not use healing on someone who is in hospital under anesthetic or using strong painkillers as they believe that the energy, while it balances, will remove the effects of the anesthetic or lessen them, putting the person in more pain than is necessary for them.

I personally practice empathic healing, as it is the type of energy that suits me well and can help a person suffering emotionally with something as well as a physical affliction and is what I will be explaining in this article.

Charged Stone Healing
Charged Stone Healing

Where can you practice Healing?

The quick answer is anywhere, anywhere you feel you are safe, able to concentrate or even just able to focus some energy in a particular direction. Some people find that they have to have a certain room that is set up to feel good and resonates well with healing energies and sets the mood, because with everything to do with healing, the best thing is that the person who is being healed feels comfortable. They could be sat on a chair, laid on a table, on the floor, a sofa, wherever you or they wish to be, if you’re comfortable and calm then it makes it easier for you to function and concentrate.

Gary grounding it to the max
Gary grounding it to the max


Firstly we will cover grounding yourself and the person you are healing. Grounding is probably one of the most useful skills you will need when practicing in healing, it is what holds your energy in place and allows you to properly identify your own energy, that of the universe and the person you are healing. It does exactly what it says on the tin and holds you firm in the ground. To do so I see all my energies flowing through my body, all the energies around me and how they are connected, then I spread this consciousness out a bit further to feel the energy in the room and visualize this becoming white and pure. I bring this light towards me so it wraps around and protects me from any other malevolent energy that might want to be part of this practice.

When I am secure in the fact that I am well protected and grounded, I know what my energy is doing and am aware of the energies that surround me, I can then focus on the other person, I see this person sharing the same light that surrounds me, protecting them and clearing their aura of anything that could interfere. This energy will ensure that while we are working with and bringing in delicate energies, we are safe. It acts like a filter basically, keeping what you don’t want out and letting what you do want through.

This exercise helps to keep your energy separate from the person you are healing so you don’t absorb their illness, etc. It is also worth mentioning that using your own energy to heal someone is very tiring and opens you up to illness and exhaustion yourself, so channeling energy is how healing should be done, you bring energy into your body and pass it through your connection to the person.

What are your experiences of healing?

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When people talk of healers and healing, water is often what is associated with it, it is the lifeblood of our planet and human beings are made up of 80% water. So water helps us a lot in keeping us alive and healthy. So thinking of healing energies as water energies makes a lot of sense to a lot of people, the way it moves and what it takes and gives. People who only drink water usually have clearer skin and better bodily functions because their bodies are well hydrated and filtered. Water has always had a cleansing association so employing that thinking is imperative.

When you begin to bring energy into yourself to become a channel for the energy, you need to know that the energy is moving around you anyway and you are there to direct that energy into a certain direction.Think about how water moves and how you move water yourself, i.e. pouring water into a funnel, it begins fast then pools and finds a way through all by itself. This is how you must think of the energy, that it will find it’s own way, if you try and push it too much you’ll lose control of how it moves completely and it will overpower your own energy. Your influence on the energy is gentle but firm, like a bank on a river, it keeps it contained and flowing in the right direction. You can move this to direct it to certain places that you think are worthy of attention, remember gently, but the energy will find it’s own way by filling the person and healing every aspect of them.

This way, when you are healing someone, the healing energies of the universe are able to do what they see as important, not necessarily what you see as important.

Some people ask their god, an angel, or a spirit guide to help them or use them as a channel, this means they are not healing themselves but acting as a channel for said being to heal through them. This is probably most famous in evangelical faith healing; where it is covered by the media because of it’s showmanship and drama and researched to see if it is real and that the people aren’t con artists. This in some cases also links to possession and exorcism, which we will cover in another hub.

Making a Connection
Making a Connection


Connecting with the person you are healing is a very important part of healing, you need to form a clear channel for the energy to go through and being more in tune with that person will always help. Connecting either emotionally or feeling more in tune with that person’s body will improve that person’s trust in you and make it easier for the energy to get into their body and get past their personal protections. People who are experienced in empathy and healing will find this easier, but it can be as simple as putting yourself in their shoes for a moment.

When you connect emotionally or physically to a person it helps you decide where the energy needs to go, it means that you can feel on some level where the person is in pain and where they are in need of attention, it can also help to know how the energy is affecting them as you may be able to feel your energy in them and what is happening and how they are feeling. This helps you make a decision on how much energy to let through, whether a little more pressure or a little less is required to get the job done. Work instinctually and with good intention and you can’t go far wrong.

Ed Cleansing Lee's Aura
Ed Cleansing Lee's Aura


Cleansing is a form of healing which balances an individual through their aura or emotions,this can be a very non-invasive kind of healing as it deals with the surface and outside energies of a person, rather than the inside. Many people run their hands or fingertips down a person taking with them the negative energies that are attached to the person. Some people don’t need to touch the person and can do it through just running their hands around the person and cleansing their aura. It is completely up to you and what the person being healed feels comfortable with.

With cleansing it is important to get rid of the energy you take as you are going, so you’re not just spreading it across the body, like a buttery knife spreading jam.

Closing Off

When you have finished healing, or you feel you have done everything you can for the person, closing off is essential. This stops you being a conduit for the energy of the universe and therefore becoming tired out and allowing other things in to disrupt your daily life. It also removes the connection with the person you are healing and keeps the energy where it needs to be.

In order to do this, I visualize the energy that has flowed through me becoming a part of the persons’ body and own energy and effectively ‘tie’ it off so it stays connected to them. Then I work backwards by channeling the remaining energy inside me out in to the world and break the connection with the person, then relinquishing the white light and protection I have placed around myself and the other person. If I have asked for help I thank the being for their aid and energy and bid them good bye if they wish to leave.

It may sometimes be necessary for you to reground yourself to your own energy after a particularly long or difficult healing, just to rebalance your own energies. This can be done by a few minutes meditation, going for a drink or just relaxing for a minute with the intention of replenishing yourself.

The person you have been healing may also need a minute to re-orient themselves so inform them when you have finished and tell them they can get up when they feel comfortable and take their time. This may involve you leaving them a minute or just going and being quiet somewhere for them while they sort themselves out.

This is written from my own experience of receiving and giving healing and there are many other ways people engage with this gift and the ways outlined in this article may not be exactly what works well for you. I hope you found it helpful and interesting and that it has increased your understanding on how some people experience and practice healing.



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    • WitchesMIX profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      indeed, especially if you were to be pushing energy through while performing the massage xD

    • bac2basics profile image


      6 years ago from Spain

      Hi Witches. I really enjoyed this hub. I wanted to learn Reiki before leaving the UK, but the course was full, so I did Indian head massage instead, and feel this is also a healing practice.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      6 years ago from Summerland

      Beautiful and informative. Thanks!

    • WitchesMIX profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      no problem with regards to sharing, that's what we do! Also, there's much more to come, you can check our upcoming articles here:

    • brianschwarz profile image

      Brian Schwarz 

      6 years ago from Washington, DC

      I enjoyed your article very much. Thanks for sharing!


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