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Healing This World---and What Is Preventing It

Updated on May 26, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Our Planet so Beautiful against the Immense Darkness Surrounding It---and yet so Loaded with a Weight of Negativism.
Our Planet so Beautiful against the Immense Darkness Surrounding It---and yet so Loaded with a Weight of Negativism.

Browsing through internet I can see an ample amount of evidence about the folks worldwide being pissed at one or another form of the establishment ruling over every aspect of their life.

Thus, I wouldn't ambitiously see myself as discovering any facet of it---except that my arguments are definitely lacking the two of those usual elements so prevalent in the expressions of that dissatisfaction.

Firstly, I don't get myself emotionally engaged in any of it, out of my own principles of a sound stress management, which don't allow me to suffer for stupidities and flaws of others over which I have no control.

And secondly, I am not a normative dude telling anybody what they "should-or-shouldn't" be doing. In a good measure it stems from the above principle, since people are mostly close minded in their firm convictions, and the great majority will keep doing what they are doing regardless of what I may say.

Which leaves us with the obvious question of what is left as a possible incentive for me to write about the so called "human condition", if I am not really expecting to be taken seriously.

Well, it's simply my inspiration to put in a written form my views, and then hopefully expect for a commenter or two to agree with them. You know, we all like to express ourselves, and when it's about this particular theme, I just don't feel like keeping it all inside.

With this behind us, let me say a word or two about what is to be expected in the article ahead. Namely, it is my strong conviction based on bits and pieces of sound scientific data that the world we live in is not really mentally fit for an optimal possible form of human coexistence.

In a caricature illustration, imagine a huge looney-house with a variety of self-proclaimed or even elected figures of authority in religion, politics, medicine, and justice---to mention just these few.

Now, to make my first point clear, let me ask you---how much would it really matter how convincing all those "authorities" would be, if results were showing just a perpetual failure due to their diagnosed incapability of a rational reasoning?

In my relatively long life I have met at least a few of those highly educated individuals that were extremely eloquent in their field---but talked garbage, due to their unstable emotionality which was hijacking their reasoning powers.

Could that remind you of our leaders, whether political or religious, whose whole message to the public is one cliché that has been proven to work, and who can talk for some hours without really saying anything of some value.

What if the most of the paradigm we live by is just a bunch of crap?

Wouldn't It Be Great if That Animal Part in Us just Protected Us and Inspired a Global Harmony Instead of Sabotaging It?
Wouldn't It Be Great if That Animal Part in Us just Protected Us and Inspired a Global Harmony Instead of Sabotaging It?

To save that illustration for another moment, such a looney-paradigm and establishment of the way of thinking, believing, and interacting would simply present an incessant charade of a back-and-forth crap-kicking with nothing resulting that would resemble something permanently beneficial for the mass of trusting followers.

Can we recognize the picture of our world in that unflattering looney community?

Now, I am not going to join them by pretending to be either a shrink or a shiny beacon of morality---so let my "diagnosis" sound as good or as bad as an ordinary thinking dude is capable of producing.

You see, biologically speaking, we humans are basically animals endowed with a developed brain which only puts us at the top of a scale, which some would like to call "evolutional", and I won't be bothered here with an alternative possible name, although I can think of one.

However, whether we like such a definition or not, the fact remains that the lower portions of our brain are very much animalistic by nature, with that raw animalism only being relatively and individually successful to become refined into something more "sophisticated" and human-like.

So, our sexuality, once refined, may find its expression in art, music, literature, dance---at the higher side of the scale, whereas we don't have to look much for those lower aspects, like porno, erotic magazines, strip-tease, and sexual offences including perversion.

Then, our animalistic arrogance and territoriality is so obvious in all those "justified" wars, violent crimes, fight for the means of survival and their amassing, all the way to our everyday arguments, gossips, badmouthing, what not.

In principle, when two bands of chimpanzees start a fight about monopoly over a bunch of banana trees---it is in no way different than any war ever recorded, which would include the so called "cold wars", economic low blows, and diplomatic manipulation.

And for the last example that comes to mind, it is very animalistic to have this need to be an "alpha in the pack", which is easy to recognize in all garden variety of control-freaks, whether political, religious, sports-related, or familial, not to mention seeking a star status among friends.

O.K., so far we are hopefully in an agreement that we are not really that shiny, god-beloved species what we would like to be credited for. And our excelling in technology is a poor excuse, because even a chimp has become smarter at how to reach those top branch bananas.

Strolling through some Dark Avenues of Fear Goes Love, while Hoping to Reach the End of That Tunnel of Many Uncertainties.
Strolling through some Dark Avenues of Fear Goes Love, while Hoping to Reach the End of That Tunnel of Many Uncertainties.

Those smart-heads of science are telling us how there are only two basic emotions---love and fear, from which is derived all emotional repertoire known to man. In other words, we either "like" or "dislike", and according to my own modest speculation, it is merely a psychological analogy of cellular basic pair of functions.

Namely, our cells are always in one of two possible functional modes based on how we see our environment---as friendly or unfriendly. So, when we like our world, our cells grow, heal, and flourish; and when we are pissed, they switch into defensive mode, stopping the other one.

And all that wouldn't even be so much of a big deal if it was not for another feature of our mental functioning which, in my opinion, is responsible for the global mess. It is about our addiction to negative interpretations of our world.

You read it right, folks, unlike a zebra which will continue grazing peacefully and nonchalantly after winning a race with a lion, we humans get so traumatized by some repeated bad experiences that we---guess what---neurologically "fall in love with it".

There are these neuro-chemicals fancifully called "neuropeptides" which are our electro-chemical base for every emotion. Whenever we are interpreting something as "bad" for long enough, those neuropeptides fit nicely into our brain receptors reserved for pleasure.

My own explanation being that our survival mechanism interprets all repeated forms of behavior as a "survival skill in making", as something necessary for our future survival. And it has no power of discriminating, so it may see something like smoking as a "matter of life or death".

Keep biting your fingernails for a while, and see how in every "tense" situation your teeth are craving to bite them off.

Thanks to our silly arrangements within our belief system, we are perfectly capable of craving for negative experiencing, craving for being pissed off, and seeking those experiences that are pissing us off.

Thus, it is not only those poor devils hypochondriacs who are "only feeling good when they are feeling bad", but the most of the world's population, in different ways and intensities, mentally acting that way.

Yes, feeling bad can feel great, as any of those ranting armchair politicians, or religionists suffering from their "sin-syndrome", or compulsive gossipers, or arguing couples could provide an example for.

In extremes, and there are probably more of those in textbooks of psycho-pathology, let's mention masochists, who literally enjoy in self-inflicted suffering, or those who indulge in a painful, rough sex.

Something in Us just Insists on Maintaining a Devastating Picture of Our World
Something in Us just Insists on Maintaining a Devastating Picture of Our World

This brings us to this world of ours and our whole cultural paradigm in which we first create a lot of problems for ourselves and then frantically look for their solutions. History could attest to it that we never really wanted to remove those problems, since we were addicted to them. Hence the expression that "history tends to repeat itself".

Indeed, those millennia old flaws in our ways of coexistence just won't go away, since we won't recognize our animalistic contribution to them, refusing to grow out of them.

For many of us it would be a true disaster if the world leaders could magically turn this world into a Shangri-La of peace and harmony---because then we would have nothing to be pissed about. Yes, we need our daily fix of adrenaline and cortisol flooding our bloodstream with anger, stress, victimhood, what not.

Does it ever dawn on you how this world has an incredibly impressive bunch of geniuses and scholars and spiritually (not religiously) shining minds, who could so easily turn upside down this crappy animalistic charade that we are witnessing on our daily news.

And yes, think of all those innocent children with their potential to change the face of this world---if we would only allow them, without squeezing that potential into a limited image of who we are, under excuse of "making them ready to fit" the status quo of our reality.

So, what, if anything could be done in that direction, if we ever got collectively tired of kicking the same crap back-and-forth in this negative addiction to our animalistically motivated paradigm.

In my opinion, which somewhat coincides with procedural psychotherapy, the first step in that direction would be to recognize the fact that we need to change, that none of our high-tech pampering, and none of those street drugs are really a good sugar-coating for our mess.

Yes, a confession may be the first step to healing, as we can only make that first step if we know exactly where we stand.

Everything in Universe Vibrates, and at Certain Frequencies We would Be like Some Avatars
Everything in Universe Vibrates, and at Certain Frequencies We would Be like Some Avatars

If some of the following ideas may look like contradicting that initial statement about my "not being a normative dude", try to see it as a simple sharing of my views about a hypothetical solution, not as something that I am strongly suggesting.

As for the first thing that comes to mind, a collective change of mind would need a requalification of medicine and media. Medicine would put much bigger accent on healing the mind as the underlying cause of most of the diseases; and media would shower the public with "feeling good" news and constructive suggestions for a better global community.

An off hand idea for medical better effectiveness would involve some existing, but either suppressed or unexplored technologies of using frequencies and enhancing placebo effect in the healing procedure.

Namely, according to the science of cymatics, our body's energy field is quite responsive to certain sound frequencies. And according to the ingenious invention on frequency generator by Royal Rife, our body attached to the source of vibration with specific frequencies could remove those microbial culprits of bad health and put the body in sync with a normal patterns of functioning coinciding with normal body frequencies, as dictated by our DNA design.

The use of the placebo healing channel, via a change of core negative beliefs could almost overnight heal an untold number of emotional, psycho-somatic, and physical ailments.

Those wizards of technology could invent relatively easily something like a virtual reality device where the patient's brain would be flooded by brainwaves facilitating a strong, positively-brainwashing receptivity to a series of well designed suggestions.

Now, some of you got a little stuck at that word "brainwashing", so let me clear the air around it. We already are globally negatively brainwashed into our limitations, and using a technology that would match its impact in opposite direction could be the only method effective enough.

Besides, just remember the fact that we already have to totally trust our doctors when they prescribe a medication or a surgery. Think how many suffering souls would gladly go for a treatment which would not have side effects or risks now present with conventional medicine.

So, why isn't that already being used as a part of the solution? I guess I don't have to be the one to tell you---you already know that the mega industry of medical-pharmaceutical giants wouldn't allow their steady flow of (old) customers to slip out of their hands.

Health is a business, folks, and every business has to ward off all competition. Medicine is not about health, it's about sickness. And just like cars are not made to last you a lifetime, medicine is mostly about removing symptoms, not causes. So called "iatrogenic" diseases (caused by doctors) say about doctors not only leaving intact the causes of the sicknesses they treat, but also potentially adding to them.

And for an added note about media's willingness to deal with a happier public---forget about it, they know that a fearful customer is a steady customer.

Could We just Decide...
Could We just Decide...

I am so aware that calling our beloved humankind "mentally unfit" for a higher form of harmonious coexistence is not a most polite choice of words. Especially after I also claimed that I was not among that pissed off majority who would be typical candidates to put down all human efforts so far.

Well, in my eyes those efforts remind way too much of all those "new year's resolutions" that we keep repeating from year to year, as if just happy enough that we still keep our desired changes in mind.

That's what we collectively---if not also privately---do, as if all our life and centuries of efforts were merely "rehearsing" for something better, while not allowing the change ever to come.

That animalism in us is sabotaging it every which way it can, while our addictive nature takes it even a step further by taking those unpleasant patterns of emotionalism as something worth longing for.

Each one of us could, with a good dose of honesty, admit to ourselves how we always manage to come up with some great ideas---only to allow that spoiler in us to royally screw it up.

Then we also invented something like a "common sense", giving it a special significance as an optimal form of reasoning. What we may not realize is that even that common sense is only something that's "commonly" applied in processing of reality---but not necessarily working for our ultimate best interest.

Namely, just because something is customarily popular, doesn't make it normal or beneficial to us.

Which means that in that hypothetical renaissance on this planet, which this article is mainly about, we would change our way of reasoning. The new one would not be based on the existing core beliefs of our established paradigm, but the one that would be bypassing our animalistically spirited survivalism gravitating around competition and manipulation of different forms, and implementing cooperation on all levels instead.

I could keep writing about more of these ideas that are popping up in my mind which truly wants the best for our human race---but I don't want it to turn into a lengthy essay.

So, while hoping that here and there may be found a reader who might see my points without my further elaborating, let me finish this article with the best of wishes for everyone's good outcomes in life---upon their effort to recognize those unholy animalistic culprits within the hierarchy of their mental forces.


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