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Healing Your Body with Singing Bowls

Updated on June 3, 2010

If you think of a time when you were most relaxed, more often than not, there is a soothing sound associated with that memory. For me, laying on the beach, listening to the crash of the waves is the most relaxing place to be. I feel like letting that sound wash over me allows me body to be completely calm. And, often, if I am relaxing this way, my mind is open to experiencing thoughts and feelings that I would probably not be able to access if I was in my normal, more aware brain state.

Throughout history, there have been many cultures that employ sound to heal and relax the body – from Gregorian chanting to white noise sound machines, soothing sounds help us relax and reduce stress and can potentially heal our bodies through the power of meditation. Singing bowls, which can also be called Tibetan bowls, are used by rubbing a mallet along the edges of the bowl, producing a melodic sound that is useful for meditation practices. Rubbing the mallet produces a sound similar to singing, while striking the bowl with the mallet will produce a bell-like sound, which can be used to create punctuations during chanting or other meditation activities.

About Sound Healing

People who practice sound healing because that we, as humanbeings, create vibrations. All over the world, different cultures use soundsand vibrations to stimulate and transform your consciousness. In my personalexperience, being able to concentrate on a soothing, harmonic sound that iscontinuous allows me to open up my consciousness and go beyond my present mind.Scientifically, the brain tends to change its own frequency to match anexternal stimulus, in this case the sound produced by the singing bowls. So,energy healers with practice and training will be able to induce certain stateslike relaxation depending on the melodic sounds they produce with the bowls.

About Singing Bowls

Because all natural elements, whether it be a rock or ananimal, possess vibration, there are different singing bowls made out ofmaterials like crystal because of their healing frequencies. Both antiquesinging bowls used in ancient practices and new singing bowls being producedfor the modern energy healer will most likely be made of bronze because of the soundthey create. The practice of making these bowls is not a modern practice, butthe same techniques can be found today in some artisan bowl makers. In India,Tibet and Nepal, where they were most common, these bowls were used for generalhousehold purposes in addition to meditation and sound healing.

Body Healing with Tibetan Bowls


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    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Awesome idea for a hub! Great job!