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Healing Your Inner Timeline

Updated on February 23, 2013

Our Inner Timeline

Our past is our personal history. It shapes how we feel about the world and how we continue to react.

If you look deep within you will notice that a large part of our emotions are anchored to past events.

Unresolved emotions remain dormant. In fact, there is an actual book called, "Feelings buried Alive Never Die." Our emotions and old stories have a way of re-emerging through new people and new situations.

Some people will tell you, "Oh, just let go of the past." But some things are easier to let go of than others. That which persists must be dealt with.

The memories that have shaped our lives today are a strong force in our lives. Changing the way we truly feel about the past is crucial to moving forward.

Another Form of Guided Meditation?

There is no shortage of guided meditations (on the web, in printed books, videos and audio books) in self help resources.

Sometimes the imagery and the instructions don't really resonate with us. We may not understand or flow with the process. And if the visualization does not connect with the emotional memories that need to be addressed, then you are only dealing with surface issues.

Just Imagine

If someone tells you to just imagine, don't feel obligated to listen. If it makes no sense, then it is not helpful.

This Hub is not about promoting one technique over another. Instead, it is an attempt to explain abstract concepts so that your logical mind can step out of the way and work cooperatively with the subconscious.

Time Is Relative

According to Albert Einstein, time is relative construct. It is mainly a construct that was invented by the human mind to navigate the physical existence.

The actual reality of the universe is that there is no time. There is no past, present or future. They all exist merged into one another.

Time Is Also Relative Within Your Inner Subconscious Universe

You may have gotten through elementary school, middle school, high school, college, bought a house and started a family. These are all external events

But the way your life is colored is largely shaped by the emotional foundation that developed during your childhood years. This has a profound effect on how events and situations feel to you.

And often you find yourself in similar (emotional) situations again, and again and again, constantly creating the same future experiences over and over.

The emotions of the past persists and drives our experience of the present. But we can also use the present to change our feelings about the past. And this will free us to create a new future.

What You Resist Persists

If you feel like you constantly experience the same unwanted cycles in your life over and over and over again, then you need to make changes from within.

Although our past consists of numerous events, childhood is when our emotional foundations developed. And this sets the stage for our later years.

Therefore, your buried childhood (emotional) memories hold keys to healing the present. Take a look back at things that happened with your parents, your siblings, friends and classmates.

Choose the Opposite of Resisting and Denying Unpleasant Emotions

Try to understand the roots of your stuck emotions and where they originated. The answer may not always be a single event. You may have to deal with the conditioning of a series of events.

Let Go Of Your Conscious Mind

As you revisit these different points in time, don't dictate anything. Just let your logical mind go. Although your logical mind is very smart, there is an underlying, quieter intelligence beneath it.

Gently experience whatever emotions come up. Stuck emotions are often situated throughout your body within muscle tissue. Feeling shifts from these areas is a good thing, especially if your muscles and different parts of your body start to relax as a result.

If this is too difficult to do on your own, you may need to work with a specialist. Don't limit yourself to the people who just have degrees in psychology, counseling or psychiatry.

There are many talented healing professionals who can help you achieve milestones (e.g. ISIS specialists, or those who can help with trauma release) Look for testimonials on their site. Just be sure that what you are getting from each session is not just an intellectual understanding.

The Power of Quiet Reflection

Too often, we come across self help advice in the form of dry instructions, much like the steps of a cooking recipe.

If we are not feeling, we are not healing. The instructions may not make complete sense to our logical conscious minds.

Dictating often elicits resistance in your inner world. Author and speaker, Brian Tracy, once said that the subconscious mind is not something that can be dealt with like a hammer to a nail. In fact, you must go the opposite route and be as gentle as possible.

Quietly reflecting on past events can be a very effective technique. Stepping outside yourself and witnessing as a third person observer is like watching people and their situations on television talk shows. Some part within us sparks. And we develop all kinds of insights on how they could have handled things differently.

The more we neutrally step back and look at what we've done and what we've been through, the more our subconscious is inspired to create different experiences.

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