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Healing Your ownself

Updated on February 6, 2015

By now many people do realize that drugs never cure neither does herbs cure either they tend to mask the symptoms and help us tolerate the disease.

Lots of individuals all across the world are getting into the systems of becoming herbal medicine practitioners and a group of individuals calling themselves medical missionaries are all falling into the trap of promoting herbs as the sure source of healing.

However the true healing comes from adhering to nature’s health laws. Disease comes when nature’s health laws are violated. The laws violated are the same one when corrected will heal.

Disease must be understood as not the enemy it is our friend and is the body’s way of protecting itself, telling us that something is wrong and please correct it.

. When the violation is corrected then is the time to apply herbal medicine and other natural remedies to aid nature by speeding up the healing.

Individuals all over the world are being cured from disease such as cancer and Aids from applying natures laws coupled with herbal medicine. Traditional medicine has still not cured any of these diseases only mask them, make them worst or generate other disease through side effects.

What are these health laws? They are nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine temperance, fresh air, rest and trust in God. The last one is greatly neglected as many do not believe that God exist and therefore cannot be truly healed.

Many people do not take the Bible as an authority but for many of us who believe we do know that most disease come from breaking the rules recorded there governing healthy living. As humans we have an entity available to us called the Holy Spirit who is capable of doing great things in individuals who believe and trust in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Over in Exodus 15:26 we see where The Almighty says if you will diligently hearken to the voice off your God and will do that which is right in his sight and will give ear to his commandments and will keep all his statues .I will put none of these diseases upon thee which I have brought upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that heal thee. Some of these diseases were arthritis cataract, diabetes, cancers which are still with us today because of us not following the health laws more so the law of nutrition.

The psalmist David over in Psalm 103:2-3 said blessed the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits who forgive all your inequities who heal all your diseases.

The church should be one of the chief agencies of healing. Because it is God’s representative on earth. Jesus was a minister of health. To those who he called he gave unto them the Gift of healing and the casting out of demons and the calling of individuals to repent and to accept salvation and eternal life.

What we do find is many of the elders and pastors are not interested in the healing of individuals they are only concern about their soul salvation. They know very little about nature’s health law. However if they follow the example of Jesus they would notice that he healed many while he was ministering to their salvation.

Over in the book of James5:14-15.It states if any sick among you let him called the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up and he that committed the sin shall be forgiven. Here we have it to go against God’s laws and commandments is seen as sin

And the result is physical and spiritual disease and death. How many pastors and elders do practice this? Many do not because they do not themselves practice the health and lack greatly in the law concerning trust in God. Not every disease will be healed by prayer and anointing alone. The creator has provided most of the healing in the herbs, food, water, sunshine, fresh air exercise and rest. To show that you do trust in God you would apply them with the faith that you would be healed.

There is also something to take note of. The individuals that Jesus healed he told them to go and sin not more. One he particular told to sin no more less a worst thing come upon you.


Some diseases are rather stubborn and many can be demon inflicted. Jesus had to cast out many demons out of individuals before they were healed. Many individuals because of the need of power have been lead away by seductive sprits. Even ministers and elders are caught up in the miracles healing business. They have affiliate themselves to demon powers which perform many of miracles Most times the miracles do not last. They do this at very expensive prices of selling their soul to Satan. Many were led away by seductive spirits and were too far gone before they realize that they were caught in a trap.

To be set free the mighty name of Jesus is available and to adhere to his commandment. But the loss of power and the harassment they will experience by the associated demon is something they are too weak to endure.

Over in the gospels it is recorded that when the disciples failed in one of their endeavors they asked Jesus why they failed .His reply was, that some things require prayer and fasting. The principles still stand today.

Over in Jeremiah.46.11 we see where it is recorded .Go up to Gilead and take balm O virgin, the daughter of Egypt: in vain shall you use much medicine for you shall not be cured.

Here Egypt represents the sins and iniquities practices that cause individuals to be sick. It is saying that as long as you practice these you will take herbal medicine and traditional medicines you will not be cured.

Finally The power to heal is available to :

A 1. Everyone who seriously and diligently seek healing in the name of Jesus.

2. Who is willing to confess and turn from the known sin and iniquities and love others

3. Who apply natural herbs and home remedies without abusing them?

4. Who practice good nutrition by eating lots of fruits vegetables, grain nuts, who do not eat

Late At nights, do not drinks with meals, do not use food additives, alcohol, caffeine, Indulge in salt, flesh fast foods, fast foods, process foods, over indulgence in over the

Counter drugs, prescribed drugs, who does not smoke. do recreational Drugs or hard core drugs.

That keep the body in the right PH balance so that virus and germs cannot grow and

To make body perform in peak performance

5. Who drink 5-8 glasses of water daily to ensure body keeps cool, to produce enough blood

To help take waist from the body, to bathe organs

6. Who get at least 8 hours sleep at nights. To give enough energy and help cells

To repair and regenerate

7. Who get at least 45 minutes sunlight a day to help in vitamin D production

Which is needed by many of the organs for maximum performance

8. Who ensure that the place where they sleep and live is well ventilated, free?

From dust and smoke, to aid clean and healthy blood and respiratory tract

9. Who is temperate in all things. One who has a clean heart, mind and conscience

10. Who have indomitable faith in God. To promote the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

12 who will make use of hydrotherapy in the form of fever baths, steam bath, and Hot and cold compress. to remove toxin, aid circulation.

13. Who will make use of massage therapy to aid circulation, tone muscles, and reduce pain

14. Who will use invasive enema or non enema bowel cleans, and minimal use of colonic..


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    • Juliet Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      5 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      I am happy you found it interesting. I found something else rather interesting the other day may do a hub or write about it in my blog

      Do you realize that the chief reason for eating a vegetarian diet is to ensure that our bodies maintain a balance pH balance between7.4-7.8

      When the pH goes above that you will get disease. when the pH goes too high the body becomes acid and cells die and eventually.Most vegetables and fruits nuts and grains put the body in the right balance. Healing takes place if one gets ill and if the body is balance in varying there will be illness

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      5 years ago from England

      Fascinating read Juliet, eating the right foods, living a clean life is probably the way to good health, if you think about it, all we need is a little food each day, and lots of water, too many people eat and drink too much, there is not the need for it, and our bodies suffer if we do too much of everything, as you say we should stick to natures health laws, that way we will keep healthy, nell

    • Juliet Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      5 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Glad you see it that way too.I just wrote an article in the importance of balancing the pH of the blood and healing at check it out when you find the time.


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