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Healing fractures with the herb Comfrey

Updated on August 22, 2012

Comfrey Flowers

The herb Comfrey heals

The herb Comfrey has been used since ancient times to heal fractures.
Herbalists often call Comfrey Knitbone for this very reason however is Latin name is Symphytum officinale.
It is a short, stocky plant with "hairy" leaves and it is thick roots so when you come to harvest
this plant you need a good spade to dig it up.
Comfrey flowers with beautiful purple flowers in the summer and for some reason you do not see it in a lot of gardens anymore.

Herbalist use the the rhizomes and roots for treatment but on occasion the leaves are used as well.

It is a very strong anti-inflammatory herb and if you don't plan to make your own treatments
you can buy Comfrey ointment and Comfrey oil from most good health food stores or pharmacies.

Healing with Comfrey

It is thought that this herb heals by stimulating the growth of cells, and new research shows it contains a cell proliferant which assists healing.

Not only does Comfrey seem to be able to heal bone but it heals soft tissue as well and many
people suffering from arthritis find Comfrey helps with pain and reduces swelling.

I have used Comfrey in treatment for arthritis and it has been successful.
It seems to work better if the condition is in the hands or the feet.

There are some concerns with using Comfrey internally as it provides cell growth, and I would
never recommend tea with Comfrey nor capsules.
Many herbs can be used for healing and treatment but just as conventional medicine it is important to know the side effects.

To heal fractures you can try using fresh Comfrey roots. If you have you own plant you would need to dig up the entire plant
but many health food stores do sell Comfrey root - fresh or dried.

Select the freshest roots and wash them carefully.
You then need to cut them up in fine pieces. I have a dedicated chopping board for preparing herbs, and a very sharp knife.
Using a sharp knife lets you control the size more easily and work quicker keeping the herb fresh.

After chopping the Comfrey root you need to boil the root in a very small amount of water.
It will become a sticky paste after about 10 - 15 minutes.

The sticky paste should be applied to the affected body part and secured with a bandage.
To promote speedy healing this procedure can be used morning and evening as you do need to change the dressing to keep the treatment effective.

It is a bit of a messy way to treat a break however there are now excellent products on the market.
Ointments are very good as they come in small tubes normally and can be slipped into your handbag to use during the day.

Many arthritis sufferers using Comfrey ointment as a hand cream reducing swelling in pain in fingers , hands and wrists.

The Comfrey oil is good to use as a massage oil, and is great for treating larger body parts such as hips or

Comfrey seems to have the ability to "track down" fractures and the healing process starts healing quicker even if you
don't apply the oil directly to the affected part.
Comfrey oil is absorbed by the skin very fast and does not smell unpleasant.

It helps to heal any soft tissue damage around or close to the fracture, and you should experience a quicker recovery time.

Psoriasis sufferers be aware - Comfrey is not for you and you should not use any products
based on Comfrey as this may cause your condition to flair up.

Also if you have cancer or have suffered cancer you should never use Comfrey

Comfrey oil for a massage or aching joints


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