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"Healthy foods" are not "right" for everyone.

Updated on October 25, 2016

Healthy foods for one person may not be healthy for another

I decided to write this blog to detail some of the experiences that I have had as I have been on a journey to good health for the past seven years. I figured that what I have learned can help someone. You like me probably watch television and see all the advice from doctors about eating healthy wonderful foods? Well, I wanted to share my story regarding the importance of knowing your own body and knowing what works for one person, does always work for another. There are so many mitigating factors that could determine what reaction a food has in our bodies. For instance, I had to have my gall bladder removed over ten years ago, and every time I hear of another healthy food to eat---I am always thinking--"healthy for who?". When I eat certain foods I am immediately either feeling bloated or just full of gas. It is as if everything good for you or deemed "healthy" bothers me. I cannot do dairy, beans, salads and many other recommended foods without experiencing the consequences of bloating and gas. One healthy food, Green tea constipates me. Another, Popcorn makes me bloated. It does help me to go to the bathroom, but the trade off doesn't seem worth it to me. Eating Apples caused be to have gas as well. I know that I mentioned previously that dairy causes me to have gas and feel bloated, but I do eat nonfat plain yogurt almost occasionally because it is a food for which the health benefits far outweigh the effects that I get from consuming it. I also have started taking a probiotic twice a day which provides that good bacteria that yogurt contains.

Then there are those foods that I absolutely love to eat and are supposed to have great health benefits, but they made me sick. I chose to give up caffeine and chocolate I got rid of acid-reflux. Just by not eating them I don't have to suffer from that problem any more or take medication for it. I don't know how else to state it---You have to find out what's best for you!! And it will take a systematic approach to find out what that is. My suggestion is that you try eliminating all of these foods at once, then add them back one at a time to see how it affects you personally.

Eating healthy foods but still feeling unhealthy

Since 2009, I have been attempting to eat healthier. I cut most sugars out of my diet. I began using replacements such as Agave syrup, Xylitol, Brown Rice syrup and Stevia. Depending on the use I would use one of these replacements. I also stopped eating anything white--white bread, white potatoes and no white rice. I immediately got my blood sugar under control. A few months into my change of diet I noticed that my stomach was bloated. I was eating all healthy foods---lots of vegetables with every meal and there were giving me lots of gas. I felt uncomfortable. I passed a lot of gas but I seemed to still be bloated. I started using a supplement called Betaguard from a company that I am affiliated with and it worked. At the time, I continued to eat healthy and from time to time take the supplement. It was not something that I took everyday. I highly recommend that if you do suffer with bloating or gas that you contact your Physician. Here is one problem that you may encounter--he or she may prescribe that you take a prescribed medication which can have very serious side effects. My doctor gave me one manufactured in Japan that said it could cause hallucinations. Can you imagine beginning to see imaginary things just because you took something for gas and bloating? After reading the side effects I threw the medication in the garbage immediately. Another food that causes bloating is mint---who knew right? I would always chew minty gum after some of my meals not knowing that it was contributing to my gas. So now I choose a gum with cinnamon instead of mint flavor. I must say that being aware of all the things that could cause gas and bloating have helped me feel so much better.

This a pic of me after I stopped eating "the" food items

Feeling great with no bloating
Feeling great with no bloating

Have you Struggled after eating healthy foods?

Have you struggled with gas or bloating after eating healthy foods?

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