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Healing Mind: Emotional Wellbeing - Healing Mind - 1

Updated on April 19, 2013

The enlightened mind is not filled with inane chatter and self-talk thinking much of the time

The author against a background of Bougainvillea in Queensland, Australia in 1995
The author against a background of Bougainvillea in Queensland, Australia in 1995

Medical doctors help Nature along

There is an old saying: the doctor treats, nature heals. We know that nature, or a life energy of some sort, heals, so what is our doctor actually doing? If we think about it, we realize that the medico is endeavoring to “help nature along.” He or she is trying to assist in a life energy healing by, for example, putting a broken femur into a splint so its ends line up ends, thus allowing nature to do its work more efficiently.

We need to bring two parts of ourselves together

This seems obvious. We physically help nature to proceed with what we know it will do: bring about our physical healing. We can readily appreciate this with physical healings, but when it comes to healing with mind, we’re filled with doubt. Can we heal with our mind? Is it possible? It is. But as with bringing parts of a broken bone together so they’ll knit, so we have to bring two parts of ourselves together to bring about the desired mending.

So what are these two parts? And what is broken, anyway? The two parts are our real self and our imagined self; the “I” and our ego. Is this mind of ours broken? Is that what’s causing us trouble? And what is this nebulous thing called mind? Nobody really seems to know.

Healing Mind - Emotional wellbeing - Mind Healing

The Glass House Mountains, hinterland of Queensland, Australia's 'Sunshine Coast.'
The Glass House Mountains, hinterland of Queensland, Australia's 'Sunshine Coast.'

Emotions Affect Upon Our Body

Maybe we don’t need to know. At least, not to fix up our particular problem. And I don’t have the space to go into that now with this short article.

In dealing with the Healing MInd and the Enlightened Mind we are dealing with every thought that has ever arisen in our consciousness- yes, every thought.   Morever, thought has an emotional aspect to it. It could be so slight as to be regarded as negligible. For example, we might do a simple sum of arithmetic and the emotional aspect of that could be counted as naught. It would be like a line drawn with a finger in water, gone before it even had time to register.

Then again, the effect could result from thoughts in a conversation: a line drawn in sand or in the dust, which is quite rapidly blown away by the winds of time. We have a myriad of these, and unless the emotional reactions to these experiences were strong, they have little effect on us.

The Healing Mind and the Enlightened MInd - Every thought we have registers

On the other hand, it could be a reactive thought, saturated with heavy emotion! This is like a mark chiseled deep into granite! It stays with us all our life- unless we take steps to remove it.

Every thought we have registers immediately in our physicality. They register as a reaction, a reaction our conditioning interpreted as pleasant or unpleasant. Where thought and physicality meet we have emotion. You could say that thought arouses an emotion on or in the body. If someone insults or slights you, it is regarded in our society as normal to feel an unpleasant reaction as our anger mounts. We might say that we are lost in and become that anger. Generally, our attention is on our automatic response, perhaps an angry rebuttal. But whether we feel the reactive sensation or not, it is there.

Emotional wellbeing can come from simply enjoying the garden

Healing mind and the enlightened mind.  When we're completely healed at all the levels of our being we probably are 'enlightened.'
Healing mind and the enlightened mind. When we're completely healed at all the levels of our being we probably are 'enlightened.'

A really strong emotion can be likened to being struck by a fist

Let us take the example of something very strong emotionally whereby you can readily accept that this phenomenon occurs. Your fiancée unexpectedly jilts you. You hear the news that someone very dear to you has been killed. You come home to find your house has burned down. The reactive emotion hits you like a fist striking your solar plexus. The feeling might last for only a second or two, then your mind goes into its automatic response of self-talk, woe, tragedy, and this self-talk, along with its accompanying feelings of denial, anger, sorrow goes on for a long time.

Mind Healing - Where does emotion go to?

Eventually, the sadness of the occasion fades from our consciousness. It’s still there in memory, of course, and we can readily recall it. And quite often its memory arises spontaneously when something triggers it, such as on song, a scene, or someone saying something that reminds us of it.

So we come to healing with mind. Where does the emotion go to? Does it just fade into oblivion; run down like a torch battery? Unfortunately not. Every emotion of such intensity is held within our body. It isn’t lost. It has gone down deep within us. And not only has it gone down within us, our reactions to it have gone down with it. The actual thoughts might be long gone. The emotion isn’t. It is still very active within us, deep in our subconscious.

Or strolling in the park

Our deep-seated emotions have a tremendous influence on us

These emotions are held within us and have a tremendous influence upon us even though, for the most part, our conscious mind no longer gives them attention. This is particularly so for strong emotions that have been deliberately repressed because we had not the know-how, or experience, or courage to deal with them at the time.

Where are they held? They are held right across the subtler aspects of our physicality, what many refer to as the Mind-body. Human beings straddle a spectrum of ‘frequency densities’ ranging from our longer wavelengths which make up our dense physical bodies, to subtler and subtler planes. You might have heard of the bio-plasmic body, the etheric body, the astral, the mental, the causal, etc . It matters not what we call them. We know that teeth are dense, bones slightly less so, cartilage lesser again, and so on through our musculature, blood, and the like. We start to get into subtler areas as we move into the substances that emanate from our endocrine glands. Then we reach the end of what we can perceive with our senses, measure with our instruments.

Emotional wellbeing can be experienced by watching the water

Healing Mind - and the Enlightened Mind

But we are much more than these. We have subtler and subtler aspects of ourselves. It is mainly in these subtler areas that we hold our traumas, our hang-ups, our fears, our repressions- those aspects of mind we need to consciously feel if we are to heal with mind. They are held within our being as patterns in those subtler structures. And those subtler structures are, for the sake ofthis discourse, our own, personal mind. So can we heal with mind?

Follow this series of articles, and you’ll find out.


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