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Does Taking Health Advice on the Internet Harm People?

Updated on March 27, 2012
photo credit: deflam via photopin cc
photo credit: deflam via photopin cc | Source

Giving Advice About Health Issues on the Internet is Irresponsible

This text is an answer to danmayerisgod's question "I often feel tired during the day despite getting plenty of sleep. What can I do to feel more energetic?" 11 month ago.

Sorry I am late.I really, really wonder why you would take important medical advice from unknown and untrained people. I know most of them have good intentions and lots of experience, maybe even with this subject, but after 11 month you ended up with, I don't know, a thirty different advice? And on what grounds are these advice given? On one single sentence! Wow. I might be taking this hubpages thing too sincere (actually I am not, but I like to deliver serious and valuable content nevertheless in case someone considers to take any of these advice, well, seriously) but I do not really understand the value of such advice nor the purpose of this question.

Go for the Best

Ok, you could say it inspires you to look into a direction that you hadn't thought of before and therefore brings you closer to the solution of your problem. But it might as well lead you totally astray from the source of it and result in a loss of valuable time and energy. The human body can take a fascinatingly amount of lot before it finally gives up, yet I wouldn't gamble with it's strength and endurance. Instead of trying out a few of the given ideas here with the quite high possibility of ending up where you've started, I would invest the time in the search for the best doctor to find out, what's causing your symptons. And I wouldn't give up, until I had found the one physician that finds it.

How do I Find a good Doctor?

A good doctor is not that difficult to find: Usually one has to wait quite a while for an appointment because her reputation causes plenty of patients to seek him up and she seems to be interested in your full description of your problem and the circumstances that might be relevant to solve the riddle. She's a bit reluctant on writing prescriptions and explains the matter in a way that you are able to understand. She and the people working with her are friendly and well-groomed. She thoroughly estimates the cost of her treatment, so there are no suprises. And his former patients speak well of her [maybe on yelp] and/or she's been recommended to you. Although most physicians are well-trained after years of study and practice, talent is rare. In riddling cases like yours might be it is often a tiny hunch, a glimpse of something inconspicious that makes a huge difference. This is rarely to be found in the amateur or the mere executor of a profession. It takes a bit of an artist, I guess. But I am drifting away.

It Cost me 20 Years of my Life

So may you have been interested in the answer yourself or just posted it for others to become inspired by answers of all possible colours, I hope you consider that there are people out there, seeking to reach for every straw they can grab and that health related topics are quite delicate. As I've been one of these straw-grabbers myself in earlier years and have wasted 20 years before I realized I was heading in the wrong direction, I feel with all those in need for support and being left alone, riddled and mislead. I have one advice to give, especially when it comes to your body: look for the best professionals and do not trust even them blindly.

And there is nothing wrong with informing yourself beforehand about possible diagnosises online, for example on this page. But be aware that R. Kennedy MD has a rather alternative point of view on health. Nevertheless a valuable source. There are more places to get informed, I just don't know any non-German ones.

With that I hope "you" will find a way to feel the way you would like to. Have a good life. Yours Mk


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